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Family Ministries

encouraging families to pursue a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ

Our Purpose

Our mission is to engage with families and enable parents to be spiritual leaders in their homes. This partnership with parents aims to develop kids who will love God with all they have, because when kids have been saved by God’s unfailing love, they can rescue and protect those around them. We are here to help raise up kids who will actively and relationally take care of those around them with confidence because of the training and experiences they have had in our church family.

Pre-register your family for Sunday.

Your Next Step

  • Join us on Sunday mornings for age-specific programming. From newborns to high schoolers, we have something for every age group.
  • Bring your family to Midweek on Wednesday nights. Come enjoy programs like children’s choir, dinner, and groups for every age level. Midweek activities are designed specifically to engage families in a small church environment, so that you and your kids are personally known, cared for, and loved.
  •  Engage in one of our parenting communities. We believe no one should travel the parenting journey alone, so we encourage you create a network of families sharing common experiences, interests, and life together.


ages birth through kindergarten


first through fourth grade


fifth and sixth graders


sixth through eighth graders


ninth through twelfth graders


Parents of kids



our weekday mother’s-day-out program for kids age 18 months through 4 years


weekly Bible club that equips kids to memorize Scripture


dinner and family time on campus before Wednesday night events


(youth engaged in serving) opportunities for youth to serve in our church


Encouraging everyone, regardless of abilities, to worship, learn, and serve


teaching students to worship Christ through song



Adventurous Journey Summer Events


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Christine Clark

Ministry Leader – Family Ministries



If you have not found what you’re looking for or would like guidance on where to start, please reach out to Christine.