Emergency Response Guide

Safety information & how to respond in the event of an emergency
Emergency Response Safety Guide

Your safety is highly important to us, and we want you to know that because we care, we’re prepared.

For your safety, police officers and security staff are onsite every Sunday and during weekday events. We also have an EMT onsite for medical emergencies, and our campus is equipped with updated security cameras and emergency alert systems.

Should an emergency occur while you are on our church campus, please follow the directions of security personnel and the guidelines below.

Campus Map

Please familiarize yourself with our campus and take note of exits near you while onsite.

campus Exits map


Our campus is fully equipped with fire alarms and sprinkler systems throughout each building. If the fire alarm comes on, please evacuate the building and proceed beyond the fire lanes to make room for arriving emergency personnel.

  • Building A (Worship Center & Atrium): Evacuate using the nearest marked fire exit.
  • Building B (Multi-Purpose Room, Offices & Classrooms): Evacuate using the nearest marked fire exit. Student classrooms will be evacuated to the south near the Willow Pond neighborhood.
  • Building C (Children’s Classrooms): Our staff will evacuate all children from Building C to the athletic fields on the north side of campus. Please do not attempt to enter Building C during evacuation; our staff will reunify families once everyone is evacuated safely outside.
  • Portables: Evacuate to the south.

Inclement Weather

In the event of severe inclement weather while our campus is occupied, such as a tornado warning, please follow staff directions to a secure interior location, such as the Multi-Purpose Room.

Hostile Intruder

In the event of an active threat such as a shooter, keep these three courses of action in mind:

1. RunRun

Whenever possible, flee away from the sound of gunfire. Evacuate the building or area as quickly and safely as possible. The key is being aware of possible escape routes. Once away from danger, call 911 and provide as much information as possible.

2. HideHide

If there is no safe escape route, hide. Find a room or area that provides some protection. Turn out the lights, silence your phone, lock the door, and barricade the entrance as much as possible by stacking furniture in front of any access point. Then, call 911 and tell the dispatcher who you are, where you are, and what you have seen or heard.

3. FightFight

If you are too close to the threat to run, or you have tried to hide but the threat is getting close, prepare to fight. Look for anything that could be used as a weapon to defend yourself, such as scissors, fire extinguishers, etc. Remember, should you have to go on the attack, use speed, strength, surprise, and aggression to overcome your opponent.

Do as you are instructed by the police, and provide them with any information as to location and number of suspects, clothing descriptions, types of weapons, or other relevant information. Stay calm, keep thinking, and adapt to the situation at hand.

AED Locations

Our campus is equipped with multiple AEDs (automated external defibrillators) to provide emergency aid to anyone facing cardiac arrest.

Accessibility & Special Needs Support

All of our emergency alarms include both auditory and visual cues to help alert the vision and hearing impaired. In the event of any emergency, our staff will check throughout our campus to locate anyone who may need assistance exiting the building, such as those with limited mobility.

Coming Soon: Safety Training Classes

This fall, our church intends to offer additional safety training classes for our volunteers, including CPR and STOP THE BLEED®. More information and class registration will be available soon.

Safety Team Leaders

David Brunson

David Brunson
Director of Safety & Security

David has worked in law enforcement for 38 years, serving in both the United States Air Force and as a civilian police officer.

Joseph Allen Cedeno

Joseph Allen Cedeno
Emergency Medical Technician

Joseph has been in the fire service for more than 25 years and currently serves as the Fire Inspector & Investigator for the Princeton Fire Department.

Chris Whitson

Chris Whitson
Business Administrator

Chris has served at Stonebriar for more than 10 years and oversees the business operations of the church, including safety protocols, risk management, construction, insurance, contracts, and legal counsel.

Contact Us

If you have any questions for our safety team, please reach out to info@stonebriar.org any time, or call 469-252-5200 on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.