Missional Living

showing and sharing the Gospel by loving our neighbors across the street and around the world

Our Purpose

Missional Living shows and shares the gospel of Jesus beyond the walls of our campus into our city and around the world. We believe that God’s mission is not a destination for the few – it’s the call to a gospel-centered life for every follower of Christ. From the slums of Beirut to the streets of South Dallas, God is at work through us to show His compassion and fulfill His commission wherever He sends. Join us!

Your Next Step

Want to join us in loving God and loving our neighbors? Here are three ways to get started.

1. Contact us! We would love to help you explore how your skills and passions can be best put to work.

2. Look through our current opportunities below and sign up to join us.

Opportunities and Events

Adopt a Missionary

Pray and care for our missionary partners.


Community Care

Community Care

Community Care

using the gifts and resources God has given us to show the love of Christ beyond the walls of our church.


Light the night

Light the night

Light the Night

Get equipped to shine Christ’s light against the darkness of human trafficking in our city.


Missional Voices

Missional Voices

Missional Voices

Hear insights from our missionaries and ministry partners that will equip you to share God’s love with the people in your neighborhood.

clothe a child

clothe a child

Clothe a Child

Help provide clothing for 3,000 kids in our community by donating and serving on October 13 and 20.





Our Saturday morning Bible club gives kids in South Dallas a safe place to experience Christ’s love.


Spring Break Family Service Trips
Feed My Starving Children
Kids Beach Club

Kids Beach Club

Kids Beach Club

Bring the Good News into local elementary schools as a volunteer for one of our weekly Bible clubs.



Our Stories

Our weekly food drive is back! The need for food and supplies in our community is still high, so let’s provide for our neighbors together in Jesus’ name. Please bring items from the list below on ...

In honor of Sanctity of Life Sunday on January 17, we are kicking off our annual Change for Life drive. Donations benefit Real Options, a non-profit, faith-based pregnancy resource center in Allen. Re...

Our weekly food drive returns Monday, January 4! Help us care for our neighbors in need by donating items from the list below between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Mondays. Just pull up to the covered drivewa...

Shane and April Hudson focus on evangelism and discipleship in Spain, where only one percent of the population claims Jesus as their Savior. The Hudsons reach people with the Gospel where they are thr...

Because you give, our church is able to meet needs around the world in Jesus’ name. After back-to-back hurricanes in November, Honduras was devastated by flooding, but because of your generous givin...

Steve and Kathie Arnold have been members of Stonebriar since 2001. Using creative life-skills evangelism, their ministry shares the Gospel of Christ and provides training for long-term discipleship a...

Enjoy this special message from Karen Hawkins, Pastoral Leader of Community Care. Then, donate a few of the items below to our Monday food drive and pick up some supplies for our Comfort & Joy drive (...

This Christmas season, help us provide for the homeless in South Dallas by donating winter clothes and supplies. Visit our Comfort & Joy kiosk in the Atrium to pick up a list of needed items and a bag...

Our Missionary Friends

North America

Ronnie & Jenny

Ronnie & Jenny A.

CRU City – United States

Jenny Aquino is a Registered Nurse who loves to sing for the Lord and is passionate about making Jesus known. Jenny and her husband, Ronnie, have 3 children: Journey, Harvest, and River. Jenny is currently on staff with Cru City in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Her role with Cru is to help connect, disciple, equip, and mobilize healthcare students and professionals to help accelerate the completion of the Great Commission.

Steve & Kathie

Kathie & Steve A.

CASMI – United States

Come and Sew Ministries, International (CASMI) helps the international body of Christ to reach widows, orphans, and women without hope with skills training and the Gospel. Jesus and biblical discipleship are the mission, and sewing classes are the method. CASMI sponsors evangelical sewing courses hosted by the international church that teach sewing skills, the Bible, prayer, and lifestyle skills. CASMI leaders love deeply and model biblical living to students. This ministry model came from a home-based sewing school (Come and Sew) that began in 1991 in Steve and Kathie’s home. Kathie taught and discipled many women and children through sewing classes for 12 years from their home. In 2001, Steve and Kathie were asked to go to Russia to investigate how to bring the Gospel through sewing classes into state-run orphanages. Come and Sew Ministries International (CASMI) was founded after this first trip as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit ministry. God has guided and blessed each step. CASMI is reaching widows, orphans, single moms, and trafficked and abused women in Russia, Ukraine, Albania, and Africa through weekly sewing classes. CASMI mentors and equips the international leaders that partner and lead this work in each culture. These sewing classes are a safe place to disciple women and show them Jesus while they learn a skill. A large number of the graduating widows, orphans, and trafficked and abused women have gone on to set up their own businesses or get jobs in factories to earn a living. A high percentage of our students are finding Christ while they learn. All classes successfully teach the power of love for one another and encouragement in Christ. Steve and Kathie have been married since 1972, are parents to 4 grown children, and have 14 grandchildren ranging in age from 4 to 25. A note from Steve and Kathie: “We never expected to be founding a ministry out of our life experience or doing international mission work at this season of our lives. We are grateful we said yes to the opportunity and are amazed daily as God continues to not only grow this work, but to also teach us so much about why James 1:27 is so important in His eyes. He tells us: ‘Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.’ We have little time to get distracted doing this special work. Keep us always in your prayers.”

Monnie & Joan B.

East West – United States

Monnie was formerly the International Director for the Centers of Church Based Training in Richardson, TX for 5 years. He now serves with East-West Ministries at The Hope Center in Plano, TX, where he is China Training Director. He and his wife, Joan, have four grown children, 6 grandchildren, live in McKinney, TX, and are a mentor couple for the Titus 2 adult fellowship class at Stonebriar Church.

John & Linda

John & Linda C.

CRU (Josh McDowell Ministries) – United States

John and Linda both became Christians as students at San Jose State College through the combined ministry of Billy Graham and a local church. Linda accepted Christ as her personal Savior on her 18th birthday in 1957, and John accepted the Lord in 1958. After John served for 7 years in the US Air Force, and earned his Air Force wings, John and Linda decided to pursue full-time ministry. In 1970, they were invited by Dr. Bill Bright to join Campus Crusade for Christ, now known as CRU. Since that time, they have served in various capacities with CRU and now with Josh McDowell Ministries. Their ministry has focused on art, translation, and publication/printing of Here’s Life Publishers, Campus Crusade for Christ, and Josh McDowell materials in different languages of very hard to reach places throughout the world. Some of these places include Russia, Uzbekistan, Cuba, China, Syria, Jordan, and many other Muslim countries stretching from Morocco in the east across North Africa, through the Middle East, and up into Central Asia.

Al & Susan

Al & Susan G.

GAiN/CRU – United States

Al and Susan Goff give leadership to the international humanitarian partner of Cru called Global Aid Network (GAiN). Al has led as the President and CEO since 2013. Al and Susan are dedicated to serving people in need across the globe. Susan has served with Cru for 34 years. Her first 16 years were with the US Campus Ministry in North and South Carolina, and she participated in short-term projects in Kenya, former East Germany, Hungary, and South Africa. Prior to working with GAiN, Al served with Global Hope Network International and with Cru as Director of Humanitarian Strategies and Crisis Management for the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. Al earned a graduate degree in humanitarian assistance from the University of Geneva and the Center for Humanitarian Cooperation at Fordham University. Al is also a U.S. Navy Veteran of Desert Shield/Storm. While the Lord has brought them to an array of places in many different roles, their mission remains constant. They live to express the kindness of Jesus in the toughest places on earth by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing the hope found only in Jesus Christ. The Goffs have two sons, Matthew and Joshua. Please pray for the Goff family and work to which the Lord called them. For more information on the ministry of GAiN, visit gainusa.org.


Alisa H

Alisa H.

East West – Russia

Alisa’s mission is to make joyful, loving, mission-minded disciples. She and her husband, Valentin, work with young business people (25 to 35 years old). Valentin is fatherly in his outreach to the young men and women. He encourages them, works on their cars, and gives them advice on building projects. Alisa’s focus is evangelism and discipleship through the platform of English Instruction. Her students say, “We get English Plus Instruction—English plus knowledge of God and His Kingdom, as well as encouragement for our souls.” God is using Alisa and Valentin to connect with the overburdened young business leaders, building deep and meaningful relationships to encourage these broken-hearted captives of the old USSR influence. Very quickly, Alisa’s English lessons became an evangelical opportunity to share with students her testimony of Christ’s work in her, God’s love for them, the necessity of the cross, and the hope of the resurrection! She challenges them to get involved in one of the major problems in Russia–orphans. Almost all of her students participate in some way in an outreach to children. The old Soviet system demeans the weak and ignores social problems. Alisa and Valentin are working to overcome old prejudices by rolling up their sleeves and wading into the muck of broken lives and misunderstanding of God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, the Church, and what Fellowship of the Saints is all about. “Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.” Matthew 28:20

Abraham & Laura

Abraham & Laura J.

World Venture – Philippines

Abraham and Laura grew up on opposite sides of the world, but a love of ministering to others eventually brought them together. Abraham moved from India to the U.S. after college and came to know Christ as a young adult in New York City. After graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary, he moved back to India to teach at a seminary training students from all over the subcontinent. Laura came to know Jesus as a child and sensed a call for full-time missions during high school. When she went to India to teach English, she and Abraham met, and the rest is history. Nearly two decades later, they have served together in India for nearly 10 years and are currently teaching at the International Graduate School of Leadership in Manila, Philippines. Laura is a dietitian by training, although she has worked equally in dietetics and teaching. Abraham grew up in Tamil Nadu in a nominal Christian home. His parents emigrated to the U.S. for work when he was in fourth grade and came to know Christ here. Abraham and his sister stayed with his extended family until he went to college in Chennai. After his business degree from Madrass Christian College, he moved to NYC and started a second degree at City University of NY while also working. It was during this time that he went to a Petra concert, after which Josh McDowell was speaking, and Abraham trusted Christ. He was discipled at Calvary Baptist Church in downtown Manhattan and eventually felt a call to full-time ministry. His pastor at the time was Jim Rose (also pastored Northwest Bible Church and has been on the DTS Board) and advised him to go to seminary. He got his master’s in Christian Education, thinking he would go back to Calvary to take a position of college and career pastor. After his third year of seminary, his pastors advised him to go to India to explore ministry opportunities (leading short-term trips) there. When he did, he sensed that “Whatever I could do in NYC, a hundred other seminary graduates would be qualified for, but given my heritage and training and the need in India, I was uniquely qualified for that.” So he returned to Calvary and told them that he would not be taking up the college pastor position and instead would be teaching at ACA. They enthusiastically sent him as their missionary. He arrived at ACA in Jan 1999, and Laura arrived in October 1999 to teach at the grade school in the same ministry. They were engaged in December and married in May of 2000. They returned to India after marriage for four more years of ministry and had their daughter during that time. Abby was three when they moved back to Dallas for Abraham to get his PhD in Systematic Theology, and Andrew was born the week Abraham started classes. It took nearly eight years, but after finishing the PhD, the family returned to India for Abraham to teach and to direct the doctoral program at ACA. During this time, he also pastored a church in Bangalore. They expected that they would be in India long-term, but the Lord had other plans. Note from Laura: “We had to leave fairly abruptly after four years, which was very difficult for us to do. We could see that with the changes in some laws and regulations and the general political climate, we would be forced out eventually, so we chose to leave voluntarily and quietly in hopes of returning for ministry someday. In the two and a half years we were back in the U.S., we lived in Waco, and Abraham got his green card converted into full citizenship. He traveled and taught in Myanmar, Malaysia, and Singapore, as well as back in India. WorldVenture advised that we look at Singapore and Manila as a family, which we did, and obviously landed in Manila. We plan to stay here for at least five years, until Andrew graduates, and then reassess the possibility of at least part-time ministry in India.”

Jacob & Josephine

Jacob & Josephine L.

Power to Change – Singapore

Shortly after graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary, Jacob and Josephine moved to Singapore to begin their teaching ministry at the East Asia School of Theology (www.east.edu.sg). The seminary is committed to developing and equipping Christian leaders for the fulfilment of the Great Commission in East Asia and around the world. They are grateful for the opportunity to journey alongside students from over 15 countries. Many of them are first generation believers whom God has called to plant churches and start Bible schools back in their home country. Jacob is thrilled about teaching graduate-level courses in hermeneutics and homiletics, while Josephine loves to equip seminary wives through the school’s Partner-In-Ministry program. Their two kids—Josiah and Jesse—also enjoy growing up in a multi-ethnic culture and learning about what God is doing all around the world.


Stan & Elzbieta

Stan & Elzbieta B.

CRU – Poland

Staszek and Asia grew up in religious families in Poland, but they did not know Christ personally until their college years when God found them in their own country through the cross-cultural ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Taken hold of by Christ (Philippians 3:12), they devoted their lives to the same ministry of evangelism and discipleship among college students of Poland, first separately, and then as a couple since 1993. They joined Stonebriar in 2005 when they came to Dallas for Staszek’s seminary training at Dallas Theological Seminary. Since 2009, they have continued their ministry of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting in Poland, and they train Campus Crusade Missionaries in other countries of Eastern Europe.

Shane & April

Shane & April H.

World Venture – Spain

Spain is a nation of approximately 46 million people, but only one percent of the population are evangelical believers. Roman Catholicism is ubiquitous but has almost no impact on the average Spaniard. It is merely a tradition from a bygone era, and Jesus Christ is irrelevant to them. Thus, Shane and April are committed to a ministry of evangelism and discipleship. Currently based in Madrid, they use activities such as rock climbing and teaching English to gain access to nonbelievers so that they can explain that Christ is not only relevant but entirely essential. At this point, discipleship includes Shane taking his turn preaching in the local church, and April pursues one-on-one meetings to encourage other women in their faith. Shane wants to contribute to theological education in Spain teaching at a seminary.

Soraya M.

World Venture – Spain

Once considered a Catholic country, Spain is stretched between the tyranny of tradition and the seduction of secularism. According to the World Factbook of the CIA, 70.2% of the Spanish are Roman Catholic. The majority of these were born and raised as Catholics, yet few know a personal relationship with Christ. The Spanish Church has a desperate need for leaders who will spread the Gospel and the love of Christ. Soraya has a passion for women’s ministry and Christian leadership development. She serves as chaplain and assistant dean of IBSTE, a Bible institute and seminary based in Barcelona. While Soraya is discipling the future leaders of the Church, her position also allows her to form relationships with women of many different countries who have come to live in Spain. Soraya prays that the Lord will provide meaningful friendships which in His due time will lead women to His grace and salvation. God has opened the doors for a wide-reaching ministry supporting national churches. Besides her service in IBSTE, Soraya also translates worship services, hosts disciple-making trainings, mobilizes women in prayer, and promotes the planting of new churches. Serving on mission is an exciting challenge for her. Whatever difficulties she may face, knowing Christ and sharing His love outshines all else. How you can pray for her: 1. May an outpouring of the Holy Spirit all over the nation lead a Spanish revival. 2. May denominations have greater cooperation to advance the Gospel and provide a wide range of opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ. 3. May God raise influential voices to bring truth and righteousness to the community. “He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ. To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.” Colossians 1:28-29.

Kirk & Sandlin

Reverend Kirk & Sandlin P.

World Venture – Ireland

Kirk’s interest in missions began during a missions conference in Arizona, USA, after which Austria seemed to stick in his mind. Then during seminary, Kirk and his wife, Sandlin, began to explore the needs for overseas missions. During Kirk’s first year of seminary, he and Sandlin began to notice the lopsidedness of Christian service in the United States compared to other countries. Seeing this need compelled them toward cross-cultural missions. On that account, in January 1988, they took up the challenge of opening a fourth church-planting ministry in southern Austria for WorldVenture. They completed their church plant ten years later in 1998. At this point, the Lord directed Kirk and Sandlin back to the States so that Kirk could pursue an advanced degree from London School of Theology, which he finished in July of 2006.

In January 2007, after a “ten-year family-study hiatus” from their full-time missions endeavors (1984-1998) with WorldVenture, the Lord directed Kirk and Sandlin back to the mission field (Europe), because they feel that is what God has created them to do. “It is the passion of our hearts and has always been our passion (and our hobby, too) to plant churches in postmodern Europe. This church-planting passion manifests itself in very real and tangible ways. It involves a venturing out into the unknown (i.e. being a risk taker while letting yourself be astounded at how the Lord delights in granting His heavenly solutions); it involves an uncovering of His will in fulfilling His kingdom purposes; and it requires a great amount of faith dreaming.” The Poths have a very big “faith-dream” that they are dreaming before the Lord—to plant churches in Western Ireland. It is a dream that is certainly not without its challenges in a culture that is unreached and unaffected by true biblical Christianity.

Jason & Amanda

Jason & Mandy P.

World Venture – Ireland

Jason and Amanda are passionate about raising up churches and church leaders in the West of Ireland. This begins with disciple-making, which Jason and Amanda are primarily involved in through ministry in the church they helped to plant 15 years ago. Their prayer is that this church would become a house of reproducing followers of Jesus and a hub for church-planting in the West of Ireland. In addition to this, Jason and Amanda provide leadership and care to other missionaries serving with WorldVenture in Ireland and in other parts of Europe.


Marlen & Aselia Z.

Pioneers – Wales

Marlen and Aselia are originally from Kazakhstan, where they spent most of their lives serving with CRU. They connected with Stonebriar in 2006–2009, while Marlen was studying at Dallas Theological Seminary. In 2016, they received a call to work with Muslim refugees and immigrants in the UK. It took them some time to actualize it, but in May 2018, they finally moved to Cardiff, Wales where they started to do what they believe the Lord has called them to for their new season of life. They have four daughters; three of them are in a boarding school, and one is in college. The daughters’ departure from their home made it possible for Marlen and Aselia to consider new horizons in ministry. The nature of their ministry in the UK could be well described as a pioneering journey. After all, the agency they work with now is Pioneers. Marlen and Aselia are pioneering in many different ways. “First of all,” they shared in a recent ministry update, “the Lord has called us as one of the first national missionaries sent from Kazakhstan into a global mission field. It is a great privilege and also a huge responsibility. We have been learning a lot what it meant to be a missionary. Secondly, as people who came from a Muslim background, we have a privilege of connecting with our audience on a common ground. This gives a fast opportunity for ministry in terms of flexibility, building natural relationships and pioneering new approaches in leading people to Christ. There are many things to learn during the next three years of pioneering our life and ministry in Cardiff.”

Our Partners

Christian Community Action

For more than 40 years, Christian Community Action (CCA) has been healing, feeding, and educating families in need throughout Collin, Dallas, Denton, Tarrant and Wise counties. Headquartered in Lewisville, CCA is one of the largest private nonprofits in North Texas, providing more than 10,000 individual services each year. Through careful case management, CCA’s holistic approach from rescue to transition helps families in need achieve self-sufficiency by offering a “hand-up” instead of a hand-out.


Clothe a Child

Clothe a Child partners with area churches, organizations, individuals, and businesses in our community to serve the new clothing needs of economically disadvantaged Kindergarten through eighth grade school children in Frisco, Little Elm, Prosper & Celina ISDs. All communities have children in need of new clothes.  Unfortunately, not all families have the means to provide the basic clothing items they need for school–shoes, shirts, jackets, jeans, underwear, etc. As Christ followers in the community, we feel the call to help.


Cornerstone Baptist Church

Under the leadership of Pastor Chris Simmons, Cornerstone Baptist Church started the Cornerstone Community Development Corp., Inc. with the mission of bringing about community development and revitalization in one of the most blighted areas of South Dallas. Cornerstone has acquired a number of properties in the South Dallas community that were once community nuisances and transitioned them into facilities that currently contribute to the growth and development of local residents. Among these are a former liquor store that is now the Cornerstone Kitchen, abandoned crack house that his now the Philemon House for the formerly incarcerated, a rundown apartment complex that is now the Cornerstone Care Center providing a number of outreach ministries in the community.  In partnership with the City of Dallas, the development corporation has purchased a number of abandoned vacant so that new affordable homes can be built for the community.


The Coventry Reserve

The Coventry Reserve is a distinctive day program for adults with special needs that offers life enrichment opportunities, creative activities and therapeutic programs. Through this program, participants enjoy a full, active, and productive day. They are engaged in discovering and learning intellectually, mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually in a positive and encouraging environment. Coventry establishes a foundation for each participant to accept themselves as valuable individuals, encourages personal growth, and helps participants discover how to be their best and how they can contribute, share, and engage in the world around them.


Feed My Starving Children

Founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a Christian non-profit organization that provides nutritionally complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children. The process is simple. Donations given by people just like you fund the meal ingredients. Volunteers hand-pack the meals. Meals are donated to FMSC food partners around the world, where kids are fed and lives are saved! Each meal costs less than a quarter to make, and more than 90% of total donations goes directly toward feeding kids.


Frisco Family Services Center

Frisco Family Services exists to help members of local communities who are facing hunger, homelessness, and other urgent needs improve their quality of life and achieve self-sufficiency. In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, FFS assisted more than 3,490 individuals, provided more than $1.24 million in annual program support, provided more than 474,600 meals, issued $27,720 in vouchers for clothing and household goods at Frisco Resale, offered adult life skills classes to over 475 individuals, helped over 300 children with back to school clothing, shoes and supplies, distributed 328 Thanksgiving Meal Boxes to families, provided more than 900 children, parents and seniors with holiday gifts, and distributed more than meals to children at the Summer Lunch Program. These  impressive accomplishments could not be achieved without the support of donors and volunteers.


Frisco FastPacs

The mission of Frisco Fastpacs is to ensure that no child in Frisco has to endure hunger when school is not in session. Every week throughout the school year, Frisco Fastpacs delivers individual pre-packed bags to FISD schools that include enough food for seven meals for each qualifying child to eat over the weekend at home. Along with donations, Frisco Fastpacs is always looking for volunteers who have a servant’s heart and who want to impact and make a difference in the community.


Operation Christmas Child

After sharing the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus said “Go and do likewise.” That is the mission of Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse—to follow the example of Christ by helping those in need and proclaiming the hope of the Gospel. Every Christmas, OCC invites individuals and churches to pack shoeboxes with toys, hygiene items, and other small gifts for children in need around the world.


Poiema Foundation

The Poiema Foundation educates the public and raises awareness in order to prevent sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other methods of sexual exploitation. Poiema also facilitates the restoration journey of survivors by providing for their physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs. This organization’s goal is to provide a safe place where victims experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and receive trauma-informed care on their journey from victim to survivor. Stonebriar Community Church partners with Poiema in our Light the Night group, which meets on the first Thursday of every month and holds outreach training on select Saturdays.


Real Options for Women

Real Options for Women

Real Options for Women is a pregnancy resource center that has been serving Collin County and North Dallas for over 25 years. With the goal of empowering women to make informed choices when facing an unplanned pregnancy or possible STI infection, Real Options for Women offers free and confidential pregnancy testing, sonograms, pregnancy options information, community resources, and STI screenings.


The Samaritan Inn

The Samaritan Inn is a comprehensive homeless program that helps willing people gain dignity and independence. Located in McKinney, The Samaritan Inn offers shelter and teaches self-sufficiency and life skills to meet the needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. On a typical night, approximately 160 people sleep at the Inn, of which 60 are children. All services and support are provided free of charge through funding made from donations by churches, service groups, organizations, corporations, and individuals like you.


Jean Allen

Ministry Coordinator




If you have any questions about Missional Living or want help deciding where to start, reach out to Jean Allen. To meet the rest of our team, visit our staff page.

Short-term trips

Short-term trips

Branson, Missouri – March 2018

This spring break, your family can make memories while making a difference together. Bring your family to Branson, Missouri on March 10–18 to help prepare the Kids Across America camp for ministry to inner city kids. Past projects have included: clearing brush, landscaping, carpentry, power washing, and cleaning—all the fun stuff that city kids in North Texas don’t get to do!

Spain – July 2018

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