Child Dedication

Child Dedication

About Child Dedication Ceremony

Child Dedication is a ceremony that marks parents’ commitment, and the commitment of the church family, to do the very best to lead kids into a trusting and loving relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s not baptism, it’s not securing their spot in heaven, it won’t make them ideal, problem-free children…but it’s a good start.

Child Dedication is a one-time event, but raising godly kids takes a lifetime. That is why we have made attending a class before dedicating a child mandatory for parents. Raising kids to love Jesus and follow Him with enthusiasm is the most important and rewarding thing a parent will do. In this class, Pastor Dave gives some hard-earned advice on how to lead kids toward becoming disciples of Christ. Plus, he will share the many ways our church is ready to help. Also at this meeting, you will find important details for the ceremony (where to stand, what to bring, when to arrive, etc.).

Please note that Child Dedication is not a baptism ceremony. If your child has accepted Christ as his or her Lord and Savior and would like to be baptized, visit our baptism information page.

Child Dedication is available to…

  • parents who have already placed their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. If you have more questions about what this means, e-mail us.
  • legally married couples, or a single parent, but it is not available to unmarried couples raising a child together. If you are a grandparent, other relative, or legal guardian, please contact us first.
  • parents of infants, toddlers, or older children. Many parents dedicate very young children, but we encourage parents of older children to participate, as well.

Child Dedication Sunday

If you would like your child to be dedicated to the Lord at Stonebriar, you must attend a parent class that is held two weeks prior to the ceremony. Child Dedication is available in both our English and Spanish worship services on select dates throughout the year, and the parent preparation class is available in both languages. To participate, simply sign up for an upcoming class below and choose which language you prefer. Further details will be provided via email.

Early Childhood Ministry Team

Heather Zweifel

Heather Zweifel
Ministry Coordinator—Early Childhood

Stacey Kosdar

Stacy Kosydar
Ministry Assistant—Early Childhood

If you have not found what you’re looking for or would like guidance on where to start, please reach out to Heather Zweifel at or by calling 469-252-5240.

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