Visit on Sundays

Birth through Kindergarten
Our desire in Early Childhood ministry is to know each and every family in our ministry. We would love to get to know you and help in any way we can. If you are dropping off your baby for the first time, please feel free to come by for a tour and introduction to the ministry.

Sundays on Campus

We love having your family share your Sunday morning with us! We hope your experience at Stonebriar leaves you smiling and ready to come back. Here are a few helpful hints to make your morning go smoothly.


We are no longer requiring registration for Early Childhood Sunday programing. Classroom space will be on a first come, first served basis on Sunday mornings. Please stop by the Early Childhood check-in desks on Sunday morning, and we will get you checked in and to your classroom. We look forward to seeing you on campus on Sundays!

Check-In and Check-out Process

Check in at any check in station in the church. Once you have your name tags, a friendly guide will show you where your children’s classrooms are and help you find your way to your own Sunday Fellowship or the main service.

To pick up your child, the Class Leader will ask for the pick-up receipt (second tag) you received at check-in. We ask that whomever picks up the child be at least 16 years old.

Diaper Bags & Other Belongings

Please have your child’s belongings clearly marked with his or her full name.

Feedings & Snacks

Please make sure your baby has been fed his or her spoon-fed food before arriving to church. We offer a small snack for children 2 and under during first service only. We will have a gluten/dairy free option available for those who have these special dietary needs. Generally, no outside snacks are permitted. However, children with food allergies may bring an outside snack. Please tell the classroom teacher about your child’s allergy during check-in.

Nursing Moms and Cry Room

Private (mothers only) and comfortable nursing rooms are located in the nursery (C114) and near the Worship Center (A214). A family/cry room is also available (A113). The service will be played on a TV so you can still participate in worship.

Find Your Classroom

Parking Map
Download Campus Map PDF

The nursery and classrooms for preschool and kindergarten aged children are located in building C on the northwest corner of the campus.

Babies are assigned rooms by age and are moved to new rooms throughout the year as they grow. Children (18 months and older) are assigned classrooms by date of birth and stay with their age group until the next school year.

After checking in, take your child to the classroom printed on his or her name badge. Pick up your child in the same classroom, unless you are notified otherwise. To pick up children in Early Childhood, you must have the pick up tag and be 16 years or older.

Download Campus Map

Health And Safety Policies

Health Policy

Our policies and procedures are designed for safeguarding all children.

We do not provide any medications while children are in classrooms, except bandages. If a child needs medication, we will ask the parent to come administer it. Epi-pens and inhalers are an exception.

To minimize spreading germs, parents are requested to not bring sick children to church. Parents may be requested to pick up children from their classroom if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • nasal discharge (other than minimal, clear nasal discharge)
  • any discharge or substance around the eyes
  • fever (must be fever-free for 72 hours without fever-reducing medication ​per CDC guidelines)
  • unidentified rash
  • inflamed throat and/or mouth
  • excessive coughing or sneezing
  • head lice
  • open wounds without proper bandages
  • unusually lethargic or irritable behavior
  • contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days

Children being treated with antibiotics should be on their medication for at least 72 hours before entering one of our classrooms.

Safety Policy

For the safety of our children, we lock the lobby doors during the worship service. You may be asked to show your pick-up tag if you need to enter the area during the time period when doors are locked.

If you do not have the pick-up tag for the child you are picking up, you will be asked to show your driver’s license to the teacher, or they may request another form of verification.

We ensure that all of our volunteers are screened with applications and background checks. This is for the safety of your children. If you desire to visit a classroom, you may be asked to complete a background check authorization, or your visit may be limited or monitored. Thank you for understanding.

Upcoming Events

Early Childhood Ministry Team

Heather Zweifel

Heather Zweifel
Ministry Coordinator—Early Childhood

Stacey Kosdar

Stacy Kosydar
Ministry Assistant—Early Childhood

If you have not found what you’re looking for or would like guidance on where to start, please reach out to Heather Zweifel at or by calling 469-252-5240.