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Sunday Morning Programs

We start encouraging children at a young age to begin a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ. We teach basic biblical truths within safe, loving environments in a way their little hearts can understand. These programs during both services.


Nursery (Birth through 18 months)

Babies grow so fast . . . and we’re ready to meet the needs each new stage of development brings. As babies mature, they are moved (about every two months) to a new room with toys and furnishings that match their new abilities and needs. We strive to make your baby as comfortable as possible and encourage you to keep updating us with care instructions, such as nap and feeding preferences.

Preschool (19 months through PreK)

Each week, these little learners are taught a new truth about God’s creation, His love, and His desire for their lives. Bible lessons are taught repeatedly through stories, music, crafts, and activities. J.A.M. Time (Jesus and Me Time) is our high-energy, live performance that enforces the morning’s lesson and Bible verse to large groups through skits, puppets, and motion-filled, sing-along songs. To get the wiggles out, children often go outside to one of three playgrounds designed for kids their age.

Elementary (Kindergarten-fourth grade)

In our elementary programs, relationship is crucial. We feel children will learn more from a leader who has taken the time to know the children in his or her class (or small group.) We value every child that comes through our doors. We truly desire to model Christ to each child.

The programs we offer are based on curriculum that teaches children that the Bible is the story of God, places parents as the primary spiritual influence in a child’s life, and teaches them the story of God in chronological order so they can see the big picture.

We strongly believe our kids can know, love, and serve Christ—not only in the future, but today! We want to provide them with the foundation to build a life that pleases God.