The Sex Talk

The Sex Talk

Presenter: Ashely Or, LPC, Biblical Counselor

In a world where our kids are inundated with sexual content, how do we, as parents, take the lead in their sexual education? In this breakout, we will discuss the when, how, what, and where of having conversations with our kids about sex. Join us for an open discussion on how to integrate a biblical perspective of sexuality with researched methods for approaching the children and youth of today’s generation.

Conference Sessions

Parenting Conference Keynote

Opening Keynote

Counselor, professor, and family physician Dr. Ekpedeme Wade presents the morning keynote address for Healthy Minds & Godly Hearts.

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Family Discipleship

Family Discipleship

Uncover a simple and approachable model of discipleship that’ll help you evaluate where your family is spiritually and decide what steps you can take to grow.

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  • Ashley Or, LPC

    Biblical Counselor

    Ashley is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a degree in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary. She practices at Lifeologie Counseling in Frisco, helping couples and adults navigate a healthy marriage and household.

    Her experience with motherhood and postpartum anxiety has led to a passion for women’s health; she has spoken at a number of MOPS groups throughout DFW and is an advocate for women to focus on their own self-care in order to care the best for those around them.

    Ashley is married to David Or, a youth pastor in Frisco, and they have three young sons.

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