Family Discipleship

Family Discipleship

Presenter: Joey Dean, Associate Pastor of Young Adult Ministries at Stonebriar Community Church

In his book Family Discipleship, Matt Chandler writes, “Your faith is your children’s best possible inheritance. Pass it on to them as often and thoroughly as you can.” Discipleship is the process of passing along our faith and helping our children grow into everything God desires them to be. In this breakout, we will learn a simple and approachable model of discipleship, helping us to better understand where we are spiritually and what steps need to be taken in order to grow. We will discuss tools that equip us to grow spiritually as we pour into our children, which helps unlock the transformative power of creating a discipleship movement within our homes.

Conference Sessions

Parenting Conference Keynote

Opening Keynote

Counselor, professor, and family physician Dr. Ekpedeme Wade presents the morning keynote address for Healthy Minds & Godly Hearts.

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The Sex Talk

The Sex Talk

Explore the when, how, what, and where of having conversations with your kids about sex, integrating a biblical perspective of sexuality with researched methods for approaching today’s generation of children and youth.

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  • Joey Dean

    Associate Pastor of Young Adults Ministry at Stonebriar Community Church

    Joey Dean recently joined the staff of Stonebriar Community Church to develop, shepherd, and lead its Young Adults Ministry.

    With more than 20 years of experience in vocational ministry, Joey is passionate about equipping believers to be disciple-makers wherever God has planted them. He believes that in any ministry, genuine personal discipleship is key to the growth of individuals and of a church family.

    Joey and his wife, Allison, have three kids and live in a quiet neighborhood just north of McKinney, Texas.

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