The Power of Words

A Devotional by Meaghan Wall, Pastoral Leader of Special Needs

“Kind words are like honey—sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” (Proverbs 16:24, NLT)

The book of Proverbs is full of wisdom about words, reminding us of their power to build others up or tear them down. Listen as Meaghan Wall shares insights from Proverbs and challenges us to think about the words we use and remember. Are the words in your life giving peace or stealing it?


  • Meaghan Wall

    As Pastoral Leader of the GIFT Ministry, Meaghan provides a path for all children and adults with special needs to experience and personally respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, offers support and encouragement to area churches looking to start a special needs ministry, and explores potential areas of growth for the special needs ministry outside the walls of our church in order to bless our community.