Funerals and Memorial Services


On behalf of our church family and staff, we are deeply sorry for the loss that has brought you here today. Stonebriar’s Special Events Ministry is available to serve our church members and regular attendees by assisting with preparations for funerals and memorial services held on our church campus.

As Christians, we believe Jesus Christ conquered death when He rose from the grave, and that all who believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior will live forever at peace with God in Heaven. Because of this, even when we grieve the loss of those we’ve loved on earth, we do so with hope, knowing that departed believers are in the arms of our loving Heavenly Father.

Hope in Christ is at the center of every funeral and memorial service we host here at Stonebriar, and it is our honor to comfort, encourage, and point you to God’s eternal love as we help you prepare for this service.

Scheduling a Funeral or Memorial Service at Stonebriar

If you are a member or regular attender of our church and would like information about hosting a funeral or memorial service at Stonebriar, please contact our Ministry Leader of Events, Julie Gandia, at 469-252-5377 or

Upcoming Events

Some memorial services held on our campus are live streamed so that all loved ones can participate, no matter their distance or health limitations. To watch an upcoming service, please visit our Watch Memorial Services page.

Events Team

Julie Gandia

Julie Gandia
Ministry Leader—Events

If you have more questions about scheduling an event or reserving our facilities at Stonebriar, please contact Julie Gandia at or 469-252-5377.

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