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Books, CDs, and DVDs for all ages
Church Library

Library Collection

The Stonebriar Church Library provides the Stonebriar congregation and the community with a collection of books, CDs, and DVDs for all ages. Items are arranged by age groups: adult/youth, juvenile (ages 8–11), and children (birth–7), making it user friendly for adults and children alike. Books especially for youth (ages 12–18) are now shelved separately at the end of the adult biography section.

The book collection includes biographies, fiction, and non-fiction with topics as diverse as cooking, health issues, travel, history, marriage, child-rearing, science, Bible study, Christian life, various translations of the Bible, and much more. Library patrons can use our computer software to search by author, title, subject, or word.

Library Patrons: The library is open to the Stonebriar congregation and the community.

Library Location and Hours

The Library is located on the first floor across the hall from the Children’s building check-in areas, behind the elevators, room A119.

Church Library Location
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Open Hours

  • Library is closed while the C Building is under construction.

Online Public Access Catalog

While visiting the library, patrons can use our computer software to search the collection by author, title, subject, or keyword. You can also access the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) from your home, office, or mobile device. In addition to searching and reserving items online, you can also log on. Use your last name as a Username and your Stonebriar number as a PIN number. Then you can check to see what items you have on reserve and what items you currently have checked out (and renew them if desired). You can even see what items you checked out during the past year.

Access OPAC

Mobile App: Atriuum on the Go

The Atriuum on the Go mobile app gives you access to the library catalog from your favorite mobile device. Use your mobile device to search, reserve a popular title, or renew items.

Download the Atriuum on the Go App

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Once downloaded, follow these steps to connect to the Stonebriar Community Church catalog:

  1. In the server field, enter
  2. In the library field, enter stonebriar
  3. Click connect to library


The library offers a variety of activities and tasks to volunteers. If you are interested in helping, visit the Serve page to view open opportunities or call the church at 469-252-5200.

Upcoming Events

Library Team

Abbi Vance

Abbi Vance
Ministry Assistant

If you have not found what you’re looking for or would like guidance on where to start, please reach out to Abbi Vance at or 469-252-5200.