Church Library

Closure Update
Church Library

Library Closure Update

Please note that the Stonebriar Community Church library is now closed. Due to the needed remodel of Building C, the former library space is now within the secure children’s area and will be reconfigured as an additional space for our children.

We know the library has been a valuable resource for several years and understand the loss it is to many. We encourage those who enjoyed our library to support your local library and other resource distributors. Our staff is always happy to help recommend resources, so please feel free to reach out to our staff members directly or contact

Also, please take advantage of our church’s access to RightNow Media. Through its website and app, RightNow Media offers a large collection of Bible study videos, faith resources, and children’s programming, all available at no cost to you. Visit our RightNow Media page to learn more and set up your free membership.