Internships and Ordination

Beginning a lifetime of ministry

Our Pastoral Internship Program for seminary students is currently on hold.


Internships at Stonebriar Community Church are ministry training programs that contribute to the spiritual, personal, and professional development of men and women as ministry leaders. The pastoral internship program uses the assets and environment of the church to create a unique learning experience. Our program complements formal, academic training through personal accountability, evaluation, guided part-time ministry experience, and group interaction. Internships generally run from September through April.

Qualifications for the Internship Program
  • You must be born-again and currently involved in professional ministry training at an academic institution.
  • You must become a regular attendee or member of Stonebriar.
  • You must meet Stonebriar’s requirements for employment as a ministry employee as outlined in the Stonebriar Employee Handbook (to be completed during the formal application for the internship-staff position).
Steps to Applying for an Internship
  1. Assess Your Qualifications
    Assess whether you qualify for the Internship Program. (See qualifications above.)
  2. Meet with a Pastor
    Meet with the pastor or pastoral leader in your area of ministry interest to determine internship availability. They will initiate the request for the internship on your behalf.
  3. Go through Application Process
    Upon availability and approval, you will be guided through the Stonebriar employee application process and classified as a part-time employee/intern.

College students seeking summer intern opportunities may contact Dave Carl at in Family Ministries.


Ordination at Stonebriar is available for men who have graduated from an accredited seminary, have a previous or current connection to SCC (such as an SCC intern, or member/regular attender, or missionary), and are heading into or currently involved in vocational ministry.  The ordination process begins in November, and involves an interview and written and oral examinations to confirm the servant’s ministry calling and capacity. The ordination ceremony takes place in the spring, during a Sunday morning, sometime between mid-April and early May. At that time, candidates are officially ordained and receive certification.

Qualifications for the Ordination Program
  • You must be a born-again male graduate of an accredited seminary (minimum Master’s level).
  • You must have a previous or current connection with Stonebriar Community Church.
  • You must be headed into or currently involved in vocational ministry.
  • You must give evidence in the initial ordination interview of ministry calling.
Steps to Applying for an Ordination
  1. Assess Your Qualifications
    Assess your qualifications. (See qualifications above.)
  2. Contact Ordination Director
    Contact the ordination director between September and December to set up an interview appointment in January. He may be reached at 469-252-5338, or by e-mail.
  3. Complete Initial Interview