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Nurture Program

Our aim in Nurture is not to overwhelm you with things to do or hoops to jump through. Rather, it is what we regard as foundational training for your future ministry. We are open to consider any adjustments you think would be good for you. There are many more books, classes, seminars, etc. that we considered requiring, but then you would have been overwhelmed. We recommend that you take advantage of extra seminars, courses, or ministry opportunities that seem pertinent to your situation.

Nurture also serves as a structure for Stonebriar to observe you in action in order to affirm and confirm your calling and giftedness for missionary service.

Prerequisites for Nurture Enrollment

Please follow these instructions to ensure you are officially enrolled in Nurture. The process can be completed in approximately one to two months.

  1. Desire to pursue cross-cultural ministry as a means to glorify God and make His name known. 
  2. Be a member of Stonebriar Community Church.  Click here to find the next membership class to get the process started.
  3. Attend a Nurture information meeting. 
  4. Complete the application.  
    • Click here to download and print the enrollment documents.  Deliver completed documents to the Missions Pastor.  
    • Coming soon!  Fill out the documents online. 
  5. Meet with the Missions Pastor.
  6. Email missionsstonebriar.org if you have any questions.
Missional Living
News to Us
Clothe a Child

There are children in our backyard who cannot afford a new pair of sneakers or a jacket for the fall and winter seasons. Clothe a Child exists to provide clothing for children in need in our community. Area school districts...


Disaster Relief

Recent hurricanes have taken a devastating toll in our world. Please join us in showing the love of Christ to those who have lost so much in these catastrophes. Visit the web page to pray, give, and serve.