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Parenting Communities

Parenting Communities

There’s a mystique about the classic American. We love to go it alone. We are famous for being the independent farmer, the lone gunfighter, and the self-made man and woman. We are a people who relish our national image of the rugged individualist. That was perhaps a very helpful perspective if you were a mountain man or rode for the Pony Express, but for most things in life, it is better—even critical—that you do them with folks you can count on for help.

For example, if you are mountain climbing, you really want help. For an experienced climber, there is a whole sequence of instructions, actions, and responses that take place if you are going climb a rock face. As you climb, you have a partner below you keeping your rope tight, assuring that if you fall, you only fall a short distance and are safe. Before you begin this kind of climb, you need to “clip on” to the rope, and you would be insane to go up alone.

The only thing I can think of that might be as thrilling, stressful, dangerous, and rewarding as rock climbing would be parenting. When raising kids, you would be nuts to go alone. It will be more successful, less stressful, more fun, and less dangerous if you join in with others who metaphorically are tied to you and assist when you go to heights you have never been to before. It would be really smart to “clip on” with others who want to raise godly kids. We all need someone around to keep us from falling too far.




Join us this Spring as we do a test launch for a new
Homeschooling Community Group.

This fall, Family Ministry will be hosting “Study Hall” which is a unique opportunity to build relationships, encourage and collaborate with other homeschooling families. Twice a month, we will host a homeschooling community with:

  1. Hosted Study Hall for Children in kindergarten through third grade and fourth through eighth grade
       (Bring you own school work and we will have retired teachers to help keep your kids stay engaged and on task)
  2. Childcare for preschool-age children
  3. A networking and resource group for homeschooling parents

Join us this spring as we take a test drive of both the study hall rooms and programming for our parents. We would like your help to plan topics you would like us to cover and guest speakers you would like us to invite. We welcome your input as we shape a ministry that will support you and your family in achieving your goals.

Study Hall – Test Launch
Monday, May 14, 9 to 10:30 a.m.

  Student Study Hall in rooms B181 - The HUB

  Parent Networking in room B156 (Junction 56 room)


Registration is Required



Childcare: https://my.stonebriar.org/portal/event_detail.aspx?id=29745


If you have questions or would like more information, please call Christine Clark at 469-252-5210 or e-mail christinecstonebriar.org.

The Parenting Program at Stonebriar Community Church is all about raising godly kids with the help of others. The Bible calls this “community” and it is essential. New community groups are forming all the time. If you have a specific needs or interest and do not see a group listed below, please reach out to us through christinecstonebriar.org or call 469-252-5210.


Parenting Through All Stages of Life

Whether you are a new parent or have been around the block a few times, you can join this community group that meets online using Facebook groups.


Contact us at parentingpathwayblogstonebriar.org for more information or to join. 


Anchor Adoption and Foster Care Community Group

Whether you are a parent just starting your adoption or foster care journey or have been involved for many years, we encourage you to join this group and lend your experience, strength, and hope. 

You can also join us online using private Facebook groups


Contact Christine Clark at 469-252-5210 or e-mail christinecstonebriar.org for more information. 


Parenting Prodigals

If you are parenting a child/teen/adult child of addiction that is dominating your, and you are starting to lose hope. This parenting community of a ministry devoted to parents with children who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction.  You will find safety and support as well as tools to help manage your own life and face the challenges of a wayward child.  This class meets Tuesday's at 6:30 in B203.

For more information Contact Recovery Pastor Daniel Lebsack at daniellstonebriar.org or call the church office at 469-252-5200.


Special Needs Parent/Caregiver Adult Class (ages 18+)

If you are a parent or caregiver of a child with special needs, please join us on Sunday mornings at 10:45 a.m. in A104C (near the Atrium). Led by Steve Fischer, Pastor of Care Ministries, and his wife Melanie, this class offers Bible study, fellowship, prayer, and encouragement.

Contact Meaghan at meaghanwstonebriar.org for more information.

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Join us this Sunday for worship and a message from Summer Pulpit Guests. Share the events to invite family and friends.


Frisco Connect

Join us for mentoring and support in critical areas of job search such as interview skills, resume writing, and using social media. Register online or text “career” to 469-275-9049.