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Stonebriar members, regular attendees, and people in our local community may apply for short-term financial assistance from the Benevolence fund. We give priority to requests from members and regular attendees but consider requests from the local community (people living in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Fannin, Grayson, Hunt, and Rockwall Counties, Texas only) when possible.

We can only assist with short-term and emergency needs. We cannot provide long-term or repeated assistance. We also cannot assist with bills more than 60 days in arrears, childcare, medical bills, unsecured loan payments, taxes, legal expenses, or any expense that is not an objectively verified need.

Steps to Applying for Financial Assistance

Follow these steps to make application. The process may take up to four (4) weeks.

1. Download and complete the Benevolence Application form.

Read the cover page before filling out the Application form. As you complete the form, gather the required documentation that must accompany the application. If you are requesting rent coverage, please also have your landlord fill out the W-9 form. Use the checklist to make sure you have properly completed the application, as we cannot accept incomplete applications. If you omit any information or documentation, the application will not be processed.

Benevolence Application Solicitud de Benevolencia en Español

2. Return the completed application and the required documentation to the church.

Return the completed application with documentation to the church office, 4801 Legendary Drive, Frisco, TX. Bring a government issued photo ID to confirm your identity. We will make a color copy of your ID for inclusion with the application. We can only consider bills that are in the name of the person providing identification.

3. Expect to wait.

It takes at least three working days to review and verify applications. During this period, you will not hear from us, nor can we answer questions. Once we have verified your application, we will contact you. The primary means for contact is e-mail. If you do not have e-mail, you must provide a telephone number where you can always be reached. If we cannot contact you after two attempts, we will not process your application.

4. Follow the instructions you are given.

You may be asked to meet with budget coaches or others to assist you with your finances. You may be asked to meet with a Care Team as part of the consideration process. Please be on time for any appointments.

If it is determined at any point in the process that Benevolence cannot provide assistance, you will be notified that “Benevolence cannot assist you at this time.” No further information will be given.

At no point in this process do we promise or guarantee that assistance will be provided to you. Any assistance will be in the form of a check made out to the vendor, landlord, or other service provider—not to you. No cash will ever be given nor will we issue money orders or cashier’s checks.

The benevolence interview process—budget coaching and committee consideration—often requires probing, detailed, difficult, and potentially uncomfortable questions and analysis of the applicant’s personal situation and spending habits. Applicants should be prepared for this potentiality.

Have Questions?

If you have more questions about financial assistance, call Care Ministries at 469-252-5364, or contact us online. We reply to inquiries when staff and volunteers are in the office (Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.). If you have an urgent need for pastoral care on a night, weekend, or holiday, call the church’s main phone, 469-252-5200, listen to the phone message, and follow the directions for contacting the pastor on-call.

Other Helpful Organizations

Request Prayer

When you need help, call on God through prayer. We offer the following ways for you to have others involved in lifting your prayer requests and praises to the Lord.

Add Your Request to the Weekly Prayer List

Prayer Team members receive the church’s prayer list via e-mail each week and will pray for your request. You can add your request to this list in one of three ways:

  • Submit your prayer request online.
  • Contact Care Ministries directly at 469-252-5364 with your request and contact information.


Our pastors, pastoral leaders, and volunteers can help lift your loved one’s burdens with an encouraging visit and prayer. We offer visits to those in assisted living and extended care facilities, hospitals, and homes. To request a visit, please fill out the Visitation Form.

Visitation Request

You can also reach out to request a visit by:

Spiritual Guidance

God can lead you through a difficult time or crisis through conversation, prayer, and spiritual direction offered by the pastors and pastoral leaders at Stonebriar Community Church.

Contact the Care Ministries office: Call Lauri Lanier at 469-252-5364 or e-mail and briefly explain the situation you face. Lauri can connect you with a pastor, pastoral leader, or Christian counselor in the community.

Pastoral Counsel: Trained and experienced in giving biblical counsel, our pastors and pastoral leaders can help with a range of issues, from men’s and women’s issues to those affecting married couples and the elderly. To inquire about such counsel, contact Care Ministries as indicated below and provide a brief explanation of the situation you face.

Have Questions? Call Care Ministries at 469-252-5364 or contact us online for Pastoral Guidance. We reply to inquiries when staff and volunteers are in the office (Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.). If you have an urgent need for pastoral care on a night, weekend, or holiday, call the church’s main phone, 469-252-5200, listen to the phone message, and follow the directions for contacting the pastor on-call. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

Care and Support Team

Steve Fischer

Steve Fischer
Lead Pastor—Care Ministries

Roy Williamson

Roy Williamson
Associate Pastor—Care Ministries

David Ake

David Ake
Associate Pastor—Marriage Ministries

Lauri Lanier

Lauri Lanier
Ministry Leader—Care Ministries

Lindsay Grove

Lindsay Grove
Ministry Coordinator—Care Ministries

If you have questions or need help navigating Care Ministries, please reach out to Lauri Lanier at or by calling 469-252-5364. Lauri looks forward to assisting you with your needs.