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Women: Connected at Home

Our women’s ministry is here to equip and encourage you to experience God’s love and share it with others. We invite you to explore the resources below, and if you have any needs or prayer requests, please reach out to our team.

Spring 2024 Bible Studies

The Gospel of LukeThe Book of Luke

Wednesdays at 10 a.m. & 6:30 p.m. beginning January 17

We want you to know Jesus so well that you won’t fall for the deception that seems to be all around us regarding who He is. There is something so beautiful about studying Jesus, and specifically studying Him through the eyes of Luke. The details Luke captures really gives his account of Jesus’ life a unique vantage point.

Join us this spring as we continue learning from Luke’s Gospel. Your heart will be transformed by the power of the true Gospel message and the life and ministry of our Savior.

Walk-in registration is available to new participants every Wednesday on the second-floor lobby of Building B. Participants who registered and attended in the fall do not need to register for the spring session. Join us on January 17 for walk-in registration and curriculum purchase/pick-up. If you have questions, please reach out to Pilar Hansen at pilarh@stonebriar.org.

Online Study: Defending Your FaithOnline Study: Defending Your Faith

Empower Yourself, Your Kids & Grandkids to Hold a Biblical Worldview

Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. beginning January 16
Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. beginning January 17

Today, more than ever, people are challenging Christianity by asking penetrating questions that often catch believers off-guard. We see friends and family members abandon the faith because their doubts go unanswered. They want to know how a good God can allow suffering, for example, or how the Bible can be trusted in an age of science. This class equips believers to respond to the toughest questions facing us in today’s culture, and to do it with gentleness and respect. Join us as we learn how to defend our faith in love.

Reach out to Pilar Hansen at women@stonebriar.org for registration options or questions.

Precept Tuesday Bible StudyPrecept Tuesday Bible Study: Genesis

Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. beginning January 16

This spring semester, join us on Tuesday mornings as we continue going through the book of Genesis with study guides from Precept.

Genesis Part 3: Becoming a Friend of the Faithful God—A Study on Abraham
Abraham was called “the friend of God.” What can you learn from him that will ground your faith, challenge your walk, and give you hope for the future? Find out in this 6-session study of Abraham’s story in Genesis chapters 12–25.

Genesis Part 4: Wrestling with God—A Study on Isaac, Jacob, and Esau
God renews His covenant promise with Abraham through Isaac and Jacob. Two struggling nations arise from Isaac’s sons, Jacob and Esau. The truths we learn about God in these stories can guide our faith, helping us see His purposes in our lives. Join us to learn more in this 4-session study of Genesis chapter 26.

Genesis Part 5: Keeping Your Focus When Your Dreams Are Shattered—A Study on Joseph
Have you ever been falsely accused or suffered from injustice? This study of Joseph is your manual for handling these painful situations. Join this 5-session study on Genesis 27–50 to learn how to rise above difficulties by trusting God.

Mujeres de StonebriarEstudio bíblico de mujeres de Stonebriar

Comenzando 17 de enero, 2024

Este semestre, recurriremos directamente a la Biblia para estudiar el libro de Efesios con la ayuda de una guía de estudio escrita por los líderes pastorales de Stonebriar. Utilizaremos el método inductivo de estudio que nos permitirá descubrir la verdad de Dios sin depender de las opiniones o comentarios de otros. Juntas aprenderemos y compartiremos el mensaje de amor que Dios tiene para nosotras.

Grupo presencial de 6:30-8 p.m. en el Portable B, ubicado afuera al lado oeste del edificio B

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Women’s Ministry Team

Chrissy Smith

Chrissy Smith
Lead Pastoral Leader—Stonebriar Women

Melissa Renner

Melissa Renner
Pastoral Leader—Stonebriar Women

Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker
Ministry Leader—Stonebriar Women

Pilar Hansen

Pilar Hansen
Ministry Coordinator—Stonebriar Women

If you have not found what you’re looking for or would like guidance on where to start, please reach out to Pilar Hansen at women@stonebriar.org or 469-252-5326.