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The Story of Easter

In this episode of Stories From The Workbench, Pastor Dave Carl shares a fresh take on the greatest story in history—the story of Easter! Gather your family to hear how Jesus’ death and resurrection changes everything.  

Facing a Giant

Every Tuesday evening, Family Ministries Pastor Dave Carl will share Stories From The Workbench! Gather as a family to watch tonight’s episode as Pastor Dave takes us through the story of David and Goliath.

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James and Judy Yi: Home Fellowships

Since the filming of the Yi’s story, our church has renamed our home fellowships as “Community Groups.” If you are interested in leading or joining a Community Groups, visit our Community Groups webpage or reach out to Sarah McFarlane at If you enjoyed the Stonebriar Story of James and Judy Yi, read the full …

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Meaghan Wall Featured on The Autism Hour Podcast

The Autism Hour

Meaghan Wall, Pastoral Leader of our GIFT Ministry, was featured on The Autism Hour podcast in December, and we’re excited to share the conversation with you! Check out the recording and find more conversations like this on The Autism Hour’s website. Listen to the Podcast

Four Keys to Living Your Faith in a Tough Place

Living Your Faith in a Tough Place

In his recent talk called, “The Gospel Future: lessons from a post-Christian context,” Stonebriar missionary Carlos Moya helped us wrestle with how to live as ambassadors for Jesus in a culture that opposes our faith. The evening centered around the question: How do I represent Jesus in a city that scorns our Savior? Carlos faces this question …

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