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His Timing

Understand that the plan of God is not only a destination but a journey according to His timing.

Understand that the plan of God is not only a destination but a journey according to His timing. Pastor Chuck Swindoll Find biblical truth, encouragement, and prayer for your journey on our website:

Walk in the Light Today!

Are you walking today in light or in darkness? Pastor Keith Tyler shares with us that the light of Christ can make darkness flee. As Christ followers, we live full of hope because we have Christ to light the way! We must boldly seek out people that are living in darkness and cannot find the light. Jesus is ready and willing to help us all walk in light today!

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Three Life Skills Your Teen Needs

Parenting Pathway Blog

There are countless life skill books about raising happy and prosperous teens that focus on what they need to master along the way to adulthood. As mindful parents, we have most likely thought about many of these life skills without ever reading a parenting book, such as how to manage money, count change, do laundry, and cook a few simple meals. But what about the things we take for granted? Here are some practical life skills our kids need, so that they carry their own faith into the future…

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Adopt a Missionary

Stonebriar’s Adopt-a-Missionary program is a tangible way to love God and love others. By responding, you actively begin to support our missionaries through prayer and minister to their needs while they are in the missions field. Bless others around the world right where you are.

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Imagine the Impact

Chuck Swindoll quote about sharing the gospel

Imagine the impact our churches would have on our communities if each christian committed to sharing the Gospel once a week with someone who expresses a need. You be faithful to dispense the Gospel to the lost and grace to the saved. Then leave the results in the Lord’s hands. Pastor Chuck Swindoll Join Stonebriar …

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Slaying Dragons

With all the daily uncertainty we face, it is easy to feel like we are slaying dragons! Pastor Gerson Cerda shares a timely message from the first chapter of Joshua about the importance of being resolute in our obedience to Christ. Through Pastor Cerda’s thoughtful encouragement, we learn how to face unknown circumstances with the strength and courage given to us from a known God. If we can learn to be steadfast in understanding God’s ways, He will bring us help and direction along the way. He will help us slay dragons!

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We Remember

9/11 -- We Remember

We remember that day and those we lost. We trust in God’s promises and walk in faith. We pray for healing and protection for our country.

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Online Men’s Bible Study

Men's Online Bible Study

Join our interactive Tuesday Men’s Bible study on Zoom at 7 p.m. every Tuesday. During each session, the study leader Phil Bruce will focus on one of the 52 chapters of biblical doctrines that form our faith from Major Bible Themes, written by Lewis Sperry Chafer and John Walvoord.

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