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Love Your Neighbor: Challenge #1

Love Your Neighbor Challenge #1

Throughout the fall, we’re sharing ways to love your neighbors in Jesus’ name, especially during COVID-19. Here’s your challenge for this week: Reach out to the neighbors on your street to introduce yourself or check in! If you don’t have their phone numbers or email addresses, try connecting with them on social media or leaving notes on their doors. (Be sure to wash your hands and wipe down the note first!)

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Four Steps to a Transformed Life

Even when it feels like things are out of control, God is holding everything together. Because of God’s power and love, we can rely on Him, and we are free to live differently. Watch this devotional from Stonebriar Elder Jay Madden for four steps from the book of Ezra that show us how to live God’s way rather than conforming to the world around us.

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Let’s Talk

In your marriage, what’s your communication style? Listen as David and Jamie Ake cover the four unique styles of personal communication by Dr. David Olsen. Each style has its own challenges, so we hope this quick lesson encourages you to identify yours and work with your spouse to build healthier communication skills.

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