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Tangible ways to love people with special needs in our church

On Campus

To serve in the Special Needs Ministry on campus, explore these serving opportunities or contact us.

In Your Home

Pray for these common needs:

  • Faith, health and safety of our GIFT staff, families and volunteers.
  • Strong marriages for couples with special needs children.
  • Housing and employment opportunities for teens and adults with special needs.
  • Community, therapeutic and educational services for those with disabilities.
  • Friendship and community for those with disabilities and their families.

In Your Neighborhood

Offer prayer support, encouragement, and helpful services such as shopping, transportation, babysitting, help around the house, and cooking. Walk alongside a family during a difficult time; download this helpful guide.

In Your Community

Thank companies who hire teens and adults with special needs. If you’d like more information on doing so, find help from the Texas Workforce Commissions VR services.

Suggested Reading

If you are beginning to think through why and how you personally can love others in our church who have special needs and their families, please read this featured article from Stonebriar Community Church’s Parenting Pathway blog.

There Was No Room for Them in the Inn

by Meaghan Wall

Had the innkeeper known Mary was carrying the Savior of the World, might he have done whatever possible to give Mary the finest accommodations? Had he Prepared Him Room, how do you think his life would have been forever changed?

Instead of wondering how the church might be forever changed if we looked at all children coming into our ministry as if they were children of the King, let’s welcome them in and see what happens.

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