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Special Needs GIFT Ministry

Irving Bible Church’s Arise special needs ministry maintains an online resource site with a list of events, ministries, educational materials, care providers, and more to support your family.

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If your family is just starting out on your Special Needs journey, please read this recommended article from Stonebriar Community Church’s Parenting Pathway blog.

You Have a Diagnosis … Now What?

by Meaghan Wall

When we become pregnant, we don’t anticipate anything but what is delightful, comforting, and typical. It isn’t until that normal becomes shaken that we find ourselves spinning in doubts, worries, and discomfort. We find ourselves developing a new plan. The good news is we’re not alone, and there is someone who knows exactly how things are going to work out.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, or have a friend who finds herself in this situation, here are a few things that might help normalize the chaos.

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