Seven Essentials for Finishing Well

A Practical Bible Study for Senior Adults

Throughout history, God has used senior adults to accomplish great things, and He is still doing so today.

If you are over 60, join Seven Essentials for Finishing Well for a look at God’s mission for you in this season of life. Join an upcoming onsite class or study on your own at

The Seven Essentials

Seven Essentials to Finishing WellIn our aging years, as the Lord leads us, we will . . .

  1. GROW and embrace the changes God has planned for us. We will not stay the same.
  2. CONNECT and continue to build strong friendships. We will not live life alone.
  3. CARE FOR AND LOVE OTHERS as Christ commands, being with them in their needs.
  4. INVEST in the generations following us in our families, church, and community.
  5. BE AVAILABLE as God calls us to serve, remaining open to new ways He may use us.
  6. PLAN AHEAD for when we are no longer here.
  7. ANTICIPATE HEAVEN and eternal life with Christ.

If you have any questions or would like details on our next class dates, please reach out to Darla Hill at or 468-252-5358. We look forward to exploring these essentials with you!

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