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The more time we spend with kids and their parents, the more we have become convinced that all of our kids are desperate for mentors in their lives. The ability for our kids to talk to someone they trust and that you trust, but is not you, is so important and life-giving to them. You can say something to your kids 1,000 times, but it usually takes someone else saying the same thing for them to hear it. Here at Parenting Pathway, we always end each podcast episode with the phrase, “Don’t do life and don’t do parenting alone.” The power of someone beside you, pointing your kids to Christ, is overwhelming. This week on our Parenting Pathway Podcast, Family Ministries Pastor Dave Carl and Care Ministries Pastor Steve Fischer discuss the importance of mentorship in our lives and the lives of our children.

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  • Dave Carl

    As Lead Pastor of Children’s and Family Ministries, Dave oversees caring for children ages birth through twelfth grade and their parents.