The Father’s Love

A Devotional by Ignacio Cerda, Associate Pastor of Stonebriar en Español

If Father’s Day brings you mixed emotions, be encouraged—God the Father loves you, now and forever. He says it in His Word, and He shows it in His actions as our Creator, Redeemer, and Comforter. Listen as Pastor Ignacio Cerda tells the story of a flawed father, and remember that where your father on earth may have let you down, your Father in Heaven never will.

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  • Ignacio Cerda

    As Associate Pastor of Stonebriar en Español, Ignacio’s role is to serve in pastoral leadership functions among and with Spanish-speakers. His responsibilities are to preach the Word as a teaching pastor for Stonebriar en Español and oversee the Spanish Sunday Fellowships to train disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ, among and with Spanish-speakers.

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