Taking Communion at Home

The Lord's Table at Home

If you are worshipping online with us on a communion Sunday, we encourage you to participate in the Lord’s Table with us. To take communion at home, set aside some crackers and juice, or use anything you have on hand—the intention of your heart matters more than the elements you use.

As you prepare to take communion, quiet your heart and begin by reading Luke 22:14-20.

Spend some time in silence considering what Christ went through to deliver us from the penalty of sin. If you are observing communion with your family, discuss with your children what it means that Christ died for us.

When you are ready, eat the cracker and drink the juice, which symbolize Jesus’ body and blood shed for us. End your time in prayer, praising God for all He has done for you and all He has promised to do for you in the future.

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