Modern Day Expectations of Christians: Part 1

Parenting Pathway

Parenting Pathway Podcast with Pastor Dave Carl invites regular guest Student Ministry Pastor, Nathan Kocurek to a conversation with two friends Julie MacManus and Sarah McFarland. We will dig into a discussion that examines what young adults believe about Christianity and following Christ. Sarah, a millennial, helps us understand that this generation looks at God and Church with distrust because this generation came of age in a time when institutions and leaders are perceived to have failed them. She also explains how millennials are fearful of offending people and not being accepted.

So, how do you show Christ’s love, opening the Church’s doors to a generation who does not value or understand serving and being loved by Christ?

If you have young adult family members who appear to have turned away from what you thought you taught them, this conversation is for you. Listen to the podcast at Parenting Pathway.


  • Dave Carl

    As Lead Pastor of Children’s and Family Ministries, Dave oversees caring for children ages birth through twelfth grade and their parents.