Managing Teenage Angst

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It wasn’t long ago, Student Ministry Pastor, Nathan Kocurek stressed about popularity, grades, parents, and relationships. Here he shares 4 tips to overcoming teenage angst.

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  • As Associate Pastor of our High School Ministry, Nathan Kocurek leads and disciples students in grades nine through twelve. Emerging from the depths of the late 1970s, Nathan spent his formative years under the influence of Hall & Oates, Duran Duran, and other notables while listening to KRBE in Houston on the clock radio beside his bed. Nathan was influenced to love Jesus by the example of his young single mom, and he grew up with a love for God but an incomplete understanding of discipleship. As a result, as a teenager, he indulged in a relentless and, at times, reckless pursuit of social and athletic achievements, seeking to assuage an innermost feeling of emptiness that he could not escape. Finally, by God’s grace, the Spirit of the Lord made it clear to him that none but Jesus could satisfy what he was lacking. The answer had been there all along. Later, Nathan married the girl of his dreams and they ran off to California, had two sons, and returned to Texas where they adopted their sweet daughter. Having served as a Student Minister at two previous churches over the past 19 years, Nathan and his wife, Marie, are now thrilled to follow thrilled to follow the calling of Christ at Stonebriar Community Church.