Is Being a “Mom Influencer” Worth It?

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There is nothing like being encouraged and affirmed as a mom, am I right? My love language is affirmation, so it is very easy for me to flock to anyone who will pay me a compliment. When I began my blog and shop where I create Bible content for preschoolers at home, I decided that I needed to really get deep into the world of Instagram to promote myself and my new business. After a couple months, I was compulsively checking my phone. I tried to limit my screen time, delete the app, but I kept coming back to it. I felt like I needed more followers. I needed more likes. More comments . . .”

This week on the blog, Nikki Nelson shares some wise encouragement and a few things she wishes she would have heard before she went all-in to the world of Instagram influencers.

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  • Nikki Nelson

    Nikki Nelson has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas State University and has taught in classrooms across all age groups before deciding to stay home with her boys. She has been married to Ren Nelson, Associate Pastor of Middle School Ministry, for eight years. They have two young boys, Quinn and August. Nikki enjoys hiking, trying new things, and lots and lots of coffee.