Four Tips for New Homeschooling Families

Parenting Pathway

As the new school year approaches, the uncertainty of what the future holds leads more families to homeschool their children this school year. Whether you are planning to do virtual schooling through your school district or step out and try another approach, we know many questions and thoughts are running around in your head. Where do I startWhat does our day look likeWhat if we are not good with a scheduleMy kids are very different; how do I know what program to use? The list can go and on.

Recently, Christine Clark had the opportunity to have a conversation with two friends, Amy Parsley and Kristin Hightower, who have been homeschooling their family for a few years. They “do school” differently and use different programs, creating engaging and encouraging conversation with their children. Join this conversion as they discuss what your homeschool day might look like, how to motivate and encourage your kids, and how to you take care of yourself while homeschooling.

Listen to their conversation on our Parenting Pathway blog.


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