The Journal of a Desperate Journey

Ecclesiastes: The Journal of a Desperate Journey

Tune in as Pastor Chuck Swindoll guides us through the book of Ecclesiastes. An intriguing but often overlooked book of the Bible, Ecclesiastes is a personal journal of King Solomon’s winding, wandering journey along the up-and-down paths in life. At each turn, Solomon thought he could find satisfaction in life without God. To his disappointment, each one led to a dead-end street named “Nothingness.”

As Solomon put it, “Everything is meaningless, completely meaningless!” (Ecclesiastes 1:2). But he stubbornly continued his search from one empty experience to another, refusing to accept reality that pursuing satisfaction and happiness in life without God leads to a desperate emptiness.

Much of Ecclesiastes will remind you of the never-satisfying world of academia, the never-ending arguments in the halls of politics, or the never-fulfilling world of entertainment. One thing is for sure: Ecclesiastes is a book for our times! Join us as we explore Solomon’s journey and find wisdom on what can truly give our lives meaning and satisfaction.

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