Thankful to Be Debt-Free

June 2021
Thankful to Be Debt-Free

Thanks to God’s provision through your generous gifts, by the end of June, Stonebriar Community Church will be debt-free. We are overjoyed to reach this milestone and are deeply grateful for all who have made this possible. Thank you to everyone who has given, worked, and prayed in pursuit of this goal.

With Stonebriar’s debt paid in full ahead of schedule, we have saved more than $500,000 in interest, and the 8% of our annual budget that has previously been allocated for debt service will now be available for use—this means that $807,000 will be freed up annually for growing our ministries.

As our elders and senior leaders prayerfully make plans for these resources, we will dedicate a portion of these savings to capital projects and renovations that were postponed while we paid down our debt, and the majority of these funds will be placed in savings for future use.

For information on our debt history and budget, download the Thankful to Be Debt Free informational PDF, and download our full financial statement.