Pastor Chuck Swindoll Returning to the Pulpit

We are happy to share that after a successful recovery from his heart procedure, Pastor Chuck Swindoll will return to the pulpit beginning this Sunday. We hope you’ll join us in giving thanks for his good health as we welcome him back this weekend.

Here’s a quick word from Pastor Chuck about his plans for this Sunday morning:

Greetings to all of you,

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been in the pulpit at Stonebriar, so I am certainly looking forward to being there on February 4.

For this first message following my return, I plan to use Saul of Tarsus’ shocking experience on the road to Damascus (found in Acts chapter 9) as an analogy for my own journey from the time I left until now.

With much anticipation,
Pastor Chuck

We would also like to once again thank Jonathan Murphy, Chip Dickens, and Bill Butterworth for being willing to step in during Pastor Chuck’s time away. Our church is richly blessed to have these guests come and teach the Word so faithfully.

Grace and peace to each of you in Christ,

Charlton Hiott & Don McMinn
Stonebriar Senior Leadership Team


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2 thoughts on “Pastor Chuck Swindoll Returning to the Pulpit”

  1. THANK YOU! I was so happy to see Dr. Swindoll is back in the pulpit. I began listening to Dr. Swindoll on the radio as a high school student in the 1980s. His preaching strengthened my faith as a teenager and helped keep me away from youthful temptations and on the straight and narrow path with our Lord Jesus. His radio program inspired me to go on radio after pastoring more than 25 years of ministry. Today I pastor a small Baptist church in Krum, Texas. I’m on only a couple of dozen stations but Dr Swindoll has always been an inspiration to embark on the challenges of radio ministry. God bless Dr Swindoll and may he have many more rich years in the pulpit. Please tell him thank you for inspiring me to go beyond my comfort zone and to walk by faith on the radio waves. Tim Robinson, PhD, Pastor of Plainview Baptist Krum, Texas

  2. Pastor Chuck Swindoll has been a hero of mine for along time. So, seeing he will be up in front of the congregation is outstanding news. I know his message will be very important and meaningful. Semper Fi.

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