7 Insights From Job About Our God

“We don’t simply need facts about God—we need insight into how He works, who He is, and what He’s about.”

Pastor Chuck Swindoll

In our online service from April 26, Pastor Chuck defined insight as the ability to see into and even beyond a situation so that one lives a life above his or her circumstances. In our present circumstances, it’s tempting to look around and wonder what God is doing and why. The final chapter of the book of Job gives essential insight to the nature of God and His plans that can help us gain a wise perspective, surrender in humility to our awesome God, and receive His gracious blessings with thanksgiving.

Watch the full sermon and look back on these insights whenever you’re tempted to wonder or worry.

  1. There is nothing God cannot do.
  2. It is impossible to frustrate, hinder, or stop God’s purposes.
  3. God’s ways are beyond our understanding, and they are too deep to explain.
  4. Only by focusing fully on God are we able to humble ourselves and rest in His will.
  5. When the day of reckoning comes, God demonstrates firm judgment mixed with great grace.
  6. No one can be compared to our God when it comes to blessings.
  7. Only God can fill our final years with the kind of music that frees us to live above our circumstances.


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