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Funerals and Memorial Services


Funerals and memorial services at Stonebriar glorify our loving heavenly Father, honor the person who has passed away, and offer hope to all, regardless of their circumstances. The pastors, musicians, and staff come alongside family and friends who have lost loved ones and show them compassion, comfort, and encouragement.

Our pastors and musicians are available to help lead the service. Both our Worship Center and Prayer Room are available for funerals, and rooms are available for receptions afterward.

There is no charge or a facility fee for funerals or memorial services at Stonebriar.


Scheduling a Funeral or Memorial Service at Stonebriar

Funerals and memorial services are provided for our church members and regular attendees only. To schedule a funeral, contact our Ministry Leader of Events, Julie Gandia, at 469-252-5377 or




Your wedding is a sacred celebration. Your plans for the service should reflect that fact and also align with the beliefs and worship practices of Stonebriar Community Church. Careful planning will ensure that your wedding is meaningful to you, your family, and friends.

Stonebriar has three spaces suitable for wedding ceremonies. The largest is the Worship Center, which seats up to 3,000 people. Seating in the Worship Center does not include a center aisle. Our Prayer Room provides an intimate setting for up to 50 people. We also have a room that can seat up to 150 people.

When scheduling weddings, Stonebriar gives priority to church members and their children. A “church member,” in this case, is someone who has participated regularly in Stonebriar activities for at least three months prior to the wedding date.


To Schedule a Wedding

  • Decide if Stonebriar fits your budget and needs.

While we do our best to keep wedding fees manageable, we recognize not all weddings have the budget to rent a large space. Review our Wedding Guide to determine if Stonebriar is a good venue for you.

  • Submit a Request for Wedding Form.

Complete and submit a Request for Wedding Reservation form to Julie Gandia in Special Events by faxing it to 469-252-5377 or delivering the document to the church offices. Julie will contact you after reviewing your request and the church calendar.

If you would like a Stonebriar Community Church pastor to perform your wedding, please fill out the Request for Pastor to Perform Wedding form.

  • Meet with your Stonebriar wedding coordinator.

After your request is approved, a Stonebriar Community Church wedding coordinator will contact you to set up an appointment.  This person will assist you with wedding plans that involve Stonebriar facilities and staff.


Questions About Weddings?

If you have more questions about scheduling a wedding at Stonebriar, contact Julie at 469-252-5377.


Have you heard about Marriage Foundations?

Marriage Foundations is a premarital class for both engaged and dating couples who are considering marriage. The program is an interactive look at God’s design and purpose for marriage, and each class is devoted to a specific topic (such as communication and conflict, finances, in-laws, and sexual intimacy). Visit our Marriage Ministry page for more information.