Our Story

Stonebriar Community Church exists to glorify God by encouraging all people to pursue a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ. Our history dates back to 1998, when a small group of people, including Senior Pastor Chuck Swindoll, founded a church in Frisco, Texas. We are a nondenominational, evangelical Christian church. That means that we are governed by our own elders, not an outside organization. About 4,000 people worship at Stonebriar each Sunday.

Stonebriar’s Beginnings


On a warm autumn evening in 1998, a group of people met to talk and pray about forming a church in the center of one of the nation’s fastest growing cities—Frisco, Texas. God united that group, which included Senior Pastor Chuck Swindoll and blessed their efforts.


Stonebriar was formed as a nondenominational church. That means that we are an independent church not affiliated with or governed by a denominational organization. Instead, we are guided by a board of elders—a group of men who attend Stonebriar and meet the biblical qualifications for church leadership.


After just six months, 1,500 people were attending worship services at our temporary location—a community college. By February 2001, we opened the doors of our first worship center. Quickly, the 1,500-seat auditorium was filled at our two Sunday-morning services. In our fifth year, we added a third Sunday-morning worship service to accommodate the growth. Construction on a new Worship Center was completed in the fall of 2008, making room for 3,000 people at each worship service.

Relationships, Not Numbers

Our focus has always been on people and helping them pursue relationships with Jesus Christ. We focused on helping people connect through fellowships and Bible studies, such as the Men’s Bible Fellowship led by Steve Farrar. We created SoulCare, a lay-counseling training program, so that our people would be better listeners, comforters, and advisors to those around them.


In 2002, God led us to focus on central India as a great place to train pastors who could build new churches. A respected children’s program, including classes for kids with special needs, is helping children come to know Christ, love Him, and serve Him.

Looking to the Future


Stonebriar has been one of America’s fastest-growing churches—not the largest, but the fastest-growing. We are always seeking new ways to glorify God by encouraging all people to pursue lifelong, joyous relationships with Jesus Christ.