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Missional U

Missional U

What is Missional U?
Missional U is a thoughtful, challenging, multi-month adventure into the heart of God that includes guided, cross-cultural missions experiences abroad and in our city.

Missional U is more than a trip overseas—it’s a discipleship path to a deeper understanding of yourself, your gifting, and your part in God’s mission to redeem the world.

You will walk side-by-side with the Missional Living team to learn about yourself and work to prepare to serve on one of our short-term missions teams. When we say “learn,” we mean going beyond reading and theory into the practical application of how to walk as a witness for Jesus in your everyday world.

How does Missional U work?
Missional U is designed to be an intense, relational, and personal discipleship experience that can take you to new depths in your walk with God and shape your understanding of God’s mission and your part in it.

Going deep takes time, so Missional U is a significant commitment. Missional U participants work together through required modules on topics like finding your personal identity, cultivating a life of authenticity and moral purity, personal evangelism, healthy spiritual living, and developing cross-cultural relationships. Meanwhile, you will be working with your fellow team members to prepare for your short-term missions experience and walk in the shoes of a missionary as you raise support for your ministry costs and prepare to share the Gospel in a cross-cultural setting. After your missions experience, you will get coaching and support as you apply what you have learned to your everyday life.

In short, you will read, study, learn, wrestle, and celebrate as God works in you and through you and your team.

2019 Missional U Cohorts

  • Spain: June/July 2019
    Help plan and lead a two-week English language learning day camp for children near Barcelona, Spain in cooperation with a local church and Stonebriar missionaries in the region. Registration is now closed. 

  • Poland: July 2019
    Help plan and lead an English language learning camp for children and young adults in a rural village, in partnership with Stonebriar missionaries and a local church plant. Registration is now closed. 
  • Ireland: October 2019
    Help provide a retreat for Galway Church, which was planted by Stonebriar-supported missionaries Jason and Mandy Post, at the beautiful Castledaly Manor between Galway and Dublin, Ireland.

  • Malta: December 2019
    Help provide childcare for missionaries during WorldVenture’s Spiritual Life Conference at the beautiful Paradise Bay Resort on the island of Malta.

Missional U Calendar
For Ireland and Malta Cohorts

  • August 21: Application deadline
  • Training dates TBA

Ready to find your fit?
Find your fit in God’s sweeping plan of redemption. Discover your purpose. Reach out to us with an e-mail to ML@stonebriar.org. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you discover if Missional U is right for you.

Stories from Summer 2019
“Team Poland welcomed 28 shy and reserved campers ages 9 to 15 with an American hello to the English Spy Academy! Through large group games, large group lessons, and then rotations to include our English Lesson, Spy Gadget crafts, and our Secret Decoder Room, the youth learned English through the things God values and modeled for us. Daily, the children were reminded that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. We taught them to respond with courage, hope, joy, love, and grace. God blessed the camp in abundance with our shy youth becoming courageous, leading worship, and desiring to learn more English and more of the joy the Americans modeled. They simply found it contagious! We were thankful to complete the week meeting several of their families, adding many new Polish Facebook friends to keep the relationships going, sharing testimonies, planning next year, and saying bittersweet goodbyes!” Debi Kruder, Team Poland—Summer 2019

“Our team in Spain had 21 leaders to watch over around 60 kids ages 5–12. Well over half of these kids were not believers. They came partly because the families needed a place for the kids to be during the summer, but they also came because someone had invited them. Each day, these kids were singing about God and learning about Him, but they were also being loved on by the leaders and the church. These kids are asking deep, hard questions that make it clear God is at work. We had a special evening on the Fourth of July in which we had a party for the kids but also for their families. It was an amazing event—we had so much fun and such great conversations. Many families expressed how much their children were enjoying the camp and were already asking to return next year. Again, the majority of these families were not believers, and there was at least one Muslim family. Yet they were happy to come because they knew the kids were being taught good values.

Some kids had only signed up for the first week of camp, but after experiencing it, they asked to return for the second week. It was also fun to see some of the kids who did not want to sing or participate much during the first week come to a place of singing and doing the movements by the end of the second week. We not only taught them, but we learned a lot from them and from our Spanish teammates.

The days were full of music, games, crafts, challenges (between the leaders that the kids just loved), Bible stories, and a discussion time to go over the lesson they had just learned. They were encouraged to be strong and courageous. Our hearts were saddened to have to leave, but we were also full of gratitude for being able to be a small part of what God is doing in Spain and Poland.” Brandon Boyd, Associate Pastor of Missional Living, Team Spain—Summer 2019

How You Can Pray
Please pray for…

  • …the churches we connected with in Spain and Poland. These camps are making a difference in the lives of these kids but also in their communities. They are a bridge for the churches to connect to their communities.
  • …future trips. Lord willing, we hope to return next year to both locations and continue the work that has been started in their communities.
  • …all of the kids who attended these camps. For those who know Christ, pray that their faith would be strengthened. For those who do not know Him, pray that they would be drawn to ask more questions and to seek Him.
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