Romanian Update

November, 2022
photo: donated clothes in Romania for Ukrainian refugees

Missional Living wanted to keep you informed about what Stonebriar Community Church is involved with as we continue to pray for the nations, specifically the refugee situation in Ukraine. This week, we sent extra financial support to Global Outreach International (Ben Mogos) in Romania to assist his ministry as they meet needs in response to the refugee situation. Read the following update from Ben Mogos and continue to pray for the war in Ukraine.

From Ben Mogos…

Thank you so much to our Stonebriar church family for continuing to help us in this refugee crisis. We continue to shelter dozens of them who come to Bucharest providing them a place to stay, clothes and food. Part of your financial gift will help with those expenses. Then, on Tuesday, Nov 8th, I (Ben) will drive our church’s van to Ukraine packed with much needed provisions. I’ll join a convoy with a few other vans with provisions from churches in Bucharest. We take them to a local church a couple of hours outside Odessa. From that location the resources are distributed by the locals to many villages, camps, and displaced people in that area of Southern Ukraine. They are in for a very tough winter!! Electricity is very scarce, provisions are little, and sometimes they continue to be bombed by kamikaze drones. Please continue to pray for this war to stop and for us to not get tired in providing help to the refugees.

Thank you so much for all your help with this crises,

Photos from Ben Mogos…

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You can learn more about Ben Mogos and the ministry in Romania at


  • Keith Tyler

    As Pastor of Missional Living, Keith is dedicated to shepherding the church to show and share the Gospel of Jesus beyond the walls of Stonebriar Community Church into all the nations. He oversees Community Care Ministry, Global Care Ministry, and connecting our church to various partnerships in ministry locally and internationally.