Pray for Turkey and Syria

Pray for Turkey and Syria

One of the strongest earthquakes on record struck Turkey in the early morning hours of February 6. The devastation extended into Syria, with the two countries reporting more than 20,000 casualties as of February 9.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake was followed by severe aftershocks. It destroyed entire city blocks, including multiple apartment complexes, in Turkey. It also caused additional devastation in war-torn Syria, affecting millions of refugees living near the northern border. The situation is compounded by severe winter weather producing snow and near-freezing temperatures.

Because of your support of our Disaster Relief Fund, Stonebriar has given $5,000 toward the relief efforts of UNTO Ministries. UNTO is working with local partners in Turkey to provide humanitarian aid, relief suffering, and offer hope to those impacted by this devastating earthquake.

To learn more about UNTO’s response and to give to their current relief efforts, visit If you would like to give to Stonebriar’s Disaster Relief Fund to help us respond to worldwide crises as needed, visit


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