Know and encourage our missionaries
Our Missionaries

In order to care for and get to know our missionary friends serving around the world, we invite you to “adopt a missionary” for a one-year term. While we are always encouraging our church body to support missionaries financially, this program is designed to bolster missionary families through encouragement and prayer. We encourage you to assist missionaries in this creative way either individually or with your small group or adult fellowship. Once you have signed up, you will be given specific details of the ministry and personal needs of your missionary.

Examples of how you can encourage a missionary:

  • partnering in prayer
  • sending encouraging words
  • mailing tangible gifts

As you assist your adopted missionary, we trust that God will move your heart to see the world through His eyes. Missionary adoptions can be renewed each year if you wish.

We encourage you to scroll down through the many fantastic missionary families that God has brought into our church family.

In Matthew 28, after Jesus’ death and resurrection, Jesus commissions His followers to go and make disciples of all nations. One of the ways our church seeks to fulfill that commission is by financially supporting missionaries who serve around the world. Explore the profiles below to get to know our current missionaries, be inspired by how they are sharing the Gospel in their communities, and pray for their ministries.

Featured Missionary


Alisa Hale


Alisa Hale

Location: Moscow, Russia

Alisa’s mission focus is evangelization and discipleship. She teaches English as a foreign language to young business people. Due to the new freedoms of the younger Russian generation, they desire to know more about the West and to learn English. Through this, she is able to introduce them to the Reformation that spoke into the ideals of Western culture—namely the Bible’s message of redemption and the value of the individual made in God’s image. These unfamiliar concepts are fascinating to them. Alisa shares her personal testimony and the Good News of Jesus Christ—the Reason for hope. Many have accepted the Gospel, and some have made steps to embrace it. Numerous students have become very close friends as she continues, by God’s grace, to disciple them.

Alisa’s deep desire to have “meaning and purpose” in her life led her to mission work. She and her husband, Valentin, have a mixed family of six adult children.

Hobbies and Interests: Alisa’s interests include gardening. She is currently writing an interactive workbook for EFL students to help them learn to speak English.

Adopt Alisa Hale

Undisclosed Missionary


Undisclosed Missionary

Location: Russia

Missionary Agency: Global Outreach International

Here, the missions focus is leadership development, evangelism, and education.

Hobbies and Interests: This ministry partner enjoys spending time with family.

Adopt Undisclosed Missionary in Russia

Jacob and Josephine


The Li Family: Jacob, Josephine, and their children, Josiah (10) and Jesse (6)

Location: Singapore

Missionary Agency: Power to Change (in Canada), formerly known as “Campus Crusade for Christ in Canada,” which is closely affiliated with Cru in the United States.

Since 2015, both Josephine and Jacob have been serving as full-time lecturers at the East Asia School of Theology (www.east.edu.sg). Their focus is to equip Christian leaders in Southeast Asia by providing them with quality theological training and giving them much-needed encouragement. Many of their students come from closed or persecuted countries; yet, these students have an unwavering commitment to proclaim the Gospel to their own people, even at the risk being imprisoned or killed. EAST also has several education extension centers through which the students are trained in their own country, often in their native language. Most recently, their ministry has started to offer courses online, making classes even more available to people around the world and not just in Southeast Asia.

Josephine and Jacob both grew up in Canada and studied in U.S. (namely, at Dallas Theological Seminary). Through their collective experiences, they were shown that the West has been blessed with numerous theological education opportunities, not to mention an abundance in quality Christian resources. They were called to share what they learned (from the West) in Southeast Asia, in a way that’s contextualized to the various Asian cultures, for the purpose of edifying current and future Asian Christian leaders, and for the glory of God. The Lis firmly believe that “to whom much is given, much is expected.” Because of this, they feel God’s expectation that they share their knowledge and ministry experience to equip and encourage current and future church leaders in Asia.

Hobbies and Interests: Jacob enjoys watching movies and flying—at one point, he wanted to be a missionary pilot! Josephine is very creative and enjoys beauty. She enjoys arts and crafts, and is constantly looking for fresh ways to point people to God through art.

Adopt Jacob and Josephine Li


Jason and Mandy


The Post Family: Jason, Mandy, and their children, Emma (16), Zoe (14), Ruby (12), and Wyatt (10)

Location: Galway, Ireland

Missionary Agency: WorldVenture

Jason and Mandy focus upon church planting, leadership development, and missionary leadership. They were called to this area of missions due to the lack of Gospel witness in the West of Ireland. They love Stonebriar Community Church.

Hobbies and Interests: The Post family enjoys reading, family time, sports, and spending time outdoors.

Adopt Jason and Mandy Post

Kirk and Sandlin


The Poth Family: Kirk and Sandlin

Location: Sligo, Ireland
Missionary Agency: WorldVenture

The Poth’s mission focus is church planting, evangelism, and leadership development. The Lord directed them to Post Christian Catholic Europe back in 1984—first to Austria, and then to Ireland. Both countries have a very low evangelical presence of less than .02%. Ireland is the least-evangelized English-speaking country in the world. The opportunities are great for Gospel witness and advancement here.

Hobbies and Interests: Kirk loves the Psalms, Luke­–Acts, his family, cycling, and golf. Sandlin enjoys reading, quilting, hand crafts, and loving on her grandchildren.

Adopt Kirk and Sandlin Poth

Caleb and Nicolette


The Hutcherson Family: Caleb, Nicolette, and their children, Isla (11), Ruby (8), and Luka (6)

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Missionary Agency: WorldVenture

Caleb and Nicolette focus on theological education at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary and ministry to at-risk children through Safe Haven Society. Both wanted to use their skills, education, and passions in a place where many have never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Hobbies and Interests: The Hutchersons enjoy reading, board games, running, taking walks, and hiking.

Adopt Caleb and Nicolette Hutcherson

Staszek and Asia


Staszek and Asia Bialecki

Location: Poland

Missionary Agency: CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)

Staszek teaches biblical and theology courses for CRU missionaries in Eastern Europe and pastors a House Church meeting within their home. Asia focuses on evangelism and discipleship of women and the Re:generation ministry within CRU and the local church in Poland.

Staszek and Asia both came to know the Lord through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ while they were college students. Both decided to join CRU full time upon graduation to continue to spread the Gospel in predominantly Roman Catholic Poland. They married in 1993 and grew from college ministry to staff training combined with local church ministry. Staszek received his seminary education at Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned his Masters of Theology degree in Old Testament and New Testament studies. He is currently in his second year of the Ph.D. program at DTS with the focus on Bible Exposition.

Staszek and Asia have four adult children. They miss their friends here at Stonebriar.

Hobbies and Interests: Staszek enjoys cycling, Nordic walking, and other physical activities. He enjoys listening to audiobooks and podcasts while exercising. Asia enjoys craft card making and scrapbooking. She also likes to listen to online seminary classes and reading course books.

Adopt Staszek and Asia Bialecki

Ben and Anda


The Mogos Family: Ben, Anda, and their son, David (8)

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Missionary Agency: Global Outreach International

Ben focuses on church planting, leadership development, and Bible college teaching. Anda specializes in Christian counseling and Bible college teaching. Together, they lead Insight for Living Romania: Ben is Chuck’s “voice” in the Romanian language, and Anda runs the office.

Ben and Anda were born and raised in Romania during the Communist regime. Bucharest is their hometown, where they both received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Theology and got married. Right out of college, Ben served as an assistant pastor in a difficult church plant in the city. Needing much more training, they came to Dallas Theological Seminary, where Ben earned his Master of Theology and Anda received a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling. During their time in Dallas, they were members of Stonebriar Community Church, and Ben was ordained for ministry there in his senior year at DTS. They always knew the Lord was equipping them so that they could return to serve Him in Bucharest. The city has only 0.5% Evangelicals and desperately needs the Gospel. God called the couple to plant a new Christ-honoring, Gospel-centered and grace-oriented church in the very center of Bucharest where there was no other Evangelical church. Upon their return to Bucharest, they were also appointed to bring Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s sermons to their country and open the office of Insight for Living Romania.

Hobbies and Interests: The Mogos family enjoys reading, traveling, and playing with their pets.

Adopt Ben and Anda Mogos

Shane and April


The Hudson Family: Shane, April, and their children, Asher (10), Benjamin (4), and Levi (3)

Location: Castelldefels, Spain

Missionary Agency: WorldVenture

Shane and April focus on evangelism and making disciples. They share the Gospel with rock climbers and others in their community and teach disciples in an evangelical seminary.

During their studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, God used their professors to compel them to take the Gospel to a foreign nation. Upon recommendation from a mentor friend and deeper study of the country and culture, the Hudsons learned that merely one percent of the population of Spain trust in Jesus as their Savior. The total population is about forty-six million. Thus, they feel it is imperative to be active in sharing the Gospel in Spain. Rock climbing provides them easier access into the lives of people that would not normally associate with them. Additionally, Shane and April hope to pass on to the next generation of church leaders the excellent theology and Bible study methods that was shared with them at DTS.

Hobbies and Interests: The Hudson family enjoys climbing, reading, building with LEGOs, watching American football, collecting sea glass, hiking, and skateboarding.

Adopt Shane and April Hudson



Marlen and Aselia

Location: Cardiff, Wales

Missionary Agency: Pioneers

Marlen was called to serve in the area due to the refugee crisis and a vision to reach Muslims for Christ. The nature of Marlen and Aselia’s ministry in the UK could be well-described as a pioneering journey. “First of all,” they shared in a recent ministry update, “the Lord has called us as one of the first national workers sent from Kazakhstan into a global mission field. It is a great privilege and also a huge responsibility. We have been learning a lot what it meant to serve the Lord outside of our home country. Secondly, as people who came from a Muslim background, we have a privilege of connecting with our audience on a common ground. This gives a fast opportunity for ministry in terms of flexibility, building natural relationships and pioneering new approaches in leading people to Christ. There are many things to learn during the next three years of pioneering our life and ministry in Cardiff.”

Marlen and Aselia are originally from Kazakhstan, where they spent most of their lives serving with CRU. They connected with Stonebriar in 2006–2009, while Marlen was studying at Dallas Theological Seminary. In 2016, they received a call to work with Muslim refugees and immigrants in the UK. It took them some time to actualize it, but in May 2018, they finally moved to Cardiff, Wales where they started to do what they believe the Lord has called them to for their new season of life. They have four daughters, three of whom attend boarding school. The eldest is in college.

Hobbies and Interests: Marlen enjoys tennis and other sports.

Adopt Marlen and Aselia

North America

Steve and Kathie

Kathie and Steve Arnold

Location: home mission base: Flower Mound, Texas, serving in leadership in Russia, Albania, Kenya, and the Ukraine.

Missionary Agency: Come and Sew Ministries

Steve and Kathie have been members of Stonebriar since 2001. Their ministry is to bring the Gospel of Christ and training for long-term discipleship and prayer. They accomplish this work by using “creative life skills evangelism,” training and partnering with evangelical churches and mission programs in each country that host sewing classes, beauty training, and creative workshops. The people reached are the poor, widows, single moms, orphans, trafficked women, and the abused. Criteria for being trained with the ministry’s life skills is strict, and each student is required to attend Bible study and prayer time with a trained leader from that culture. Many of their students are coming to Christ after being loved deeply, taught well by tailors in their culture. “Christ is our mission and sewing and skills is our method.”

Kathie ran a sewing school in our home teaching women and children to sew for 12 years. Though “ministry” was not initially the intent, many students were reached with the love of Christ as they stayed after class and allowed Kathie to minister to their hurts.

The first 10 years of the Arnold’s work began in Russia as a fact-finding trip at the behest of Josh McDowell Ministries to bring the Gospel into state-run orphanages through sewing classes. Kathie’s sewing curriculum and the things she did to reach others for Christ in her first home sewing classes are now established as the CASMI program used around the world. Steve enmeshes his lifelong corporate career and business skills to solidify the ministry and keep it strong. Both Steve and Kathie use their natural talents for Kingdom work and trust God with the unknown—wherever they are called to serve.

Kathie and Steve have 4 adult children and 14 grandchildren. All are active in their churches and three grandsons are involved with missions work.

Hobbies and Interests: Working together on projects (just finished a camper reno), hiking, camping, gardening, cooking, and learning new things. Steve enjoys reading and working in the garage on creative projects. Kathie enjoys sewing projects for the family and teaching their grandkids how to sew.

Adopt Kathie and Steve Arnold

Ronnie and Jenny

The Aquino Family

Jenny, Ronnie, and their children, Journey (20), Harvest (17), and River (15)

Location: home mission base: Dallas, Texas with ministry across U.S. and overseas

Missionary Agency: Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)

Jenny currently is involved in engaging women in Gospel conversations, inviting them to study and live out biblical womanhood, and helping equip them to reach other women for Christ. Her background as an RN also provides her a special connection with the medical community, allowing her the opportunity to host and facilitate weekly discipleship and prayer meetings with nurses, helping embolden their spiritual care provider role in the healthcare field. Her mission focus also involves helping her husband, Ronnie, in his role with Cru. His area of mission is Gospel and farming integration focusing on developing aquaponics as a tool for evangelism and discipleship. Aquaponics is a type of urban farming that raises fish and grows vegetables in one connected environment. Together, their mission focus is aimed at developing practical and sustainable tools that express the kindness of Jesus as they partner with like-minded believers and churches in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the communities they are reaching for Christ, locally and overseas.

Jenny felt a growing desire to serve in full-time ministry since coming to know the Lord in high school. After pursuing an education and career in nursing, Jenny continued to volunteer for church activities, which led her to join a medical missions team. There she found fulfilment meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those in extreme poverty, and eventually extended her mission to reach others with the Gospel as a health care specialist.

Hobbies and Interests: Reading, singing hymns, writing songs, listening to sermons online, and spending time as a family— biking, watching movies, and doing family devotions together.

Adopt Jenny and Ronnie Aquino

Bego and Larry

Bego and Larry

Location: Based locally, serving globally

Missionary Agency: Global Training Network (GTN)

Bego and Larry’s background in training and facilitation, and first-hand experience with the critical need to equip church leaders in order to multiply disciples, led them to dedicate their lives to serving Christ’s church around the world. They serve and train national ministry leaders to be empowered for Christ’s purposes. They also have a keen interest in serving at seminaries, Bible colleges, and American churches.

Developing ministry leaders who know the cultures and languages where they serve is their focused strategy for multiplying discipleship and church leadership around the globe. In addition to theological education, they teach a range of leadership skills that are essential to ministry multiplication, including training in strategy and execution, facilitation, communication, and vision planning. Additionally, church leaders are provided with useful, contextualized tools for coping and dealing with the pressures that accompany leadership.

Bego and Larry have two grown up daughters, nine grandkids and three greatgrandchildren.

Hobbies and Interests: Bego and Larry enjoy gardening, fishing, reading, and cooking.

Adopt Bego and Larry

Monnie and Joan

Dr. Monroe “Monnie” and Joan Brewer

Location: based in McKinney, Texas, they minister to 16 countries in Africa and 11 in Asia

Missionary Agency: East-West Ministries

Monnie and Joan, a mentor couple in our Titus 2 Sunday Adult Fellowship, work part-time with Voice of the Martyrs (Oklahoma) and part-time with East-West Ministries (Plano, Texas). Monnie trains and mentors persecuted pastors in communist, Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic countries. He was a pastor for 36 years, and has focused on missions for the last 15 years. In a “typical” year (sans Covid), Monnie makes 19–20 international trips to countries such as Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria, Chad, Niger, South Sudan, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, India, Republic of Georgia, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and South Korea.

Monnie and Joan were called to this area of missions due to their honeymoon experience. On  their honeymoon, they took a team of eight to Asmara, Eritrea from May to September 1974. On the day the Brewers left Eritrea, the country fell to the communists and all their friends were raped and killed—because they were Christians. Their first experience as a married couple introduced them to the Persecuted Church, and that is who they have worked with exclusively for the last 46 years.

They have four adult children.

Hobbies and Interests: The Brewers enjoy travel, mentoring younger couples, entertaining, and reading. Monnie has been in 158 countries, and Joan has visited 55.

Adopt Monnie and Joan Brewer

César and Angélica

César and Angélica

Location: based locally, serving globally

Missionary Agency: Global Training Network (GTN)

God has placed in César and Angélica’s hearts a love and passion for training leaders and pastors who do not have access to sound biblical teaching. In Latin America, many churches are built without the foundation of the real gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a great focus on morality and legalism, but a great absence of the Supremacy of Christ and His work in the life of the church. In response to this, César and Angélica serve with Global Training Network to train Christian leaders in Mexico and Guatemala, entrusting them with ministry skills and the ability to teach others, resulting in the multiplication of leaders and planting of new churches.

César and Angélica have been attending and serving at Stonebriar Community Church since they gave their lives to Jesus Christ in 2002. Over the years, they have devoted their time and service to the Spanish-speaking congregation, Stonebriar en Español. César has been serving on the teaching team and leading Bible studies and discipleship classes, Angélica served on staff for sixteen years and has been involved in the women’s ministry leadership, and together they have led community and discipleship groups.

César and Angélica were both born in Mexico and moved to Dallas as teenagers. They are high school sweethearts and have two wonderful sons named César Jr. and Kristian, and two beautiful daughters-in-law named Zenia and Erica. They live in Prosper, Texas.

Hobbies and Interests: César and Angélica love spending time with their children and church family.

Adopt César and Angélica

Al and Susan

Al and Susan Goff

Location: locally-based to reach areas such as Somalia, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and others

Missionary Agency: Unto (a ministry of Cru)

Al serves as a staff member of Cru and the CEO and President of Unto, the humanitarian ministry of Cru. Unto accelerates getting the Gospel to the hardest to reach areas (what they call “the tough places”) in the world for sharing the Gospel. Unto expresses the kindness of Jesus by relieving suffering in a way that maintains or restores dignity so that the Hope of Jesus Christ can be revealed.

Susan and Al’s calling is getting the Gospel to people who have never heard of Jesus. With some exceptions, those individuals are living primarily in the developing world or places of poverty, war, and strife where Christians are not readily accepted. Their ministry has to lead with acts of kindness so profound that it makes even the most ardent opposition to the Gospel take notice—they use humanitarian kindness to open doors for the Gospel.

They have two adult sons (ages 20 and 18).

Hobbies and Interests: They both enjoy sharing Christ with lost people. Susan enjoys scrapbooking. Al loves to grill. They love to travel as a family.

Adopt Al and Susan Goff

Cathy and John

Cathy and John Douglass

Location: Based in Plano, Texas, ministering to a number of countries where South Asian people live in large numbers

Missionary Agency: Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)

Cathy’s ministry, Naya Jeevan, means “new life” in Hindi; they offer strategies, resources, and training to mobilize Christians to share Christ with their South Asian neighbors.

Cathy and John were called to ministry and missions work through the gift of teaching, compassion for the lost, and a passion to do “what needed doing.” Two of their four adult children are also missionaries.

Hobbies and Interests: Cathy enjoys reading about Asian religion, history, and culture, playing Sudoku, creating diamond art, classical music, and copying the Bible by hand.

Adopt Cathy and John Douglass

Keith and Megan

The Lindley Family

Keith, Megan, and their baby daughter, Ava

Location: currently in Dallas, Texas, and serve abroad in Japan

Missionary Agency: Global Training Network (GTN)

The Lindleys were called to missions because the need for seminary-level education around the world is great. Over 80% of church leaders worldwide do not have any formal biblical training. Their ministry focuses on training and equipping the leaders of the Japanese church.

Keith and Megan were called to build up the global church through a ministry of training church leaders. In keeping with this calling, Keith became an ordained pastor, earned a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, is a current PhD candidate at Dallas Theological Seminary, and has eight years of experience teaching the Bible and theology. Likewise, prior to becoming a missionary, Megan served for five years as an educator with Richardson Independent School District.

Hobbies and Interests: As missionaries training church leaders in Japan, among other countries, Keith and Megan spend most of their free time studying Japanese.

Adopt Keith and Megan Lindley

Logan: no photo allowed


Missionary Agency: Bridges International (Cru’s international student ministry)

Logan works to share the Gospel, disciple, and train university students to model that process both on campus and off. His major focus is raising up international believers who can either return to their home country and share the Gospel, or if they are already there, to become the leaders of ministry in their home country.

Logan’s life was deeply impacted by mentors who modeled following Christ in his daily life and taught and gave opportunities to share his faith with others. Knowing that Christ-followers do not have a “certain mold” to fit, he is called to minister to university students as they search for answers and form frameworks that shape the rest of their lives. He hopes to return overseas in the future to continue furthering evangelism and discipleship.

Hobbies and Interests: Logan enjoys reading, spending time in nature, listening to a wide assortment of music, getting immersed in stories through movies and video games, entertaining, sharing good food, and laughing with others.

Adopt Logan

Undisclosed Missionary: no photo allowed

Undisclosed Missionary

Location: Based locally, serving South Asia

The missions focus is to facilitate church- and community-based missions and outreach among the indigenous people groups it serves.

Hobbies and Interests: This ministry partner enjoys rich music, reading literature and theology, and travel and film photography.

Adopt Undisclosed Missionary in South Asia

Undisclosed Locations

Additional Missionaries at Risk

Some of our missionary partners remain anonymous in undisclosed locations due to factors such as geopolitical climate and/or civil unrest in the area. If you would like to adopt and pray for these individuals, please contact us at ml@stonebriar.org for more information.

Tim and Joy

Tim and Joy

Missionary Agency: WorldVenture

Joy heads a school that exists to provide Christian education for the missionary community, the international and diplomatic community, and local non-churched families. Tim is a Child Safety Officer for the school and the Child Safety Team for WorldVenture. He trains students, staff, and parents on issues related to child abuse and conducts consistent response measures whenever a disclosure, discovery, or suspicion of abuse arises. They are also seeking to develop a personal ministry among unchurched locals in the recovery of trauma, abuse, and deprivation.

Although their call to missions developed independently in different regions, they were brought together serving as pastors to international students. They have two children.

Hobbies and Interests: Joy likes the study of history and local culture. Tim enjoys hunting and fishing.

Adopt Tim and Joy

Future Missionaries

Missionary You?


Location: Wherever God is leading worldwide

Are you interested in partnering with Stonebriar to share the Gospel as a missionary? Your first step is to apply for our Missional Living Ministry Grant! This 12-month partnership is for individuals and organizations who are interested in a relationship with Stonebriar that includes, but is not limited to, financial support.

Learn more and fill out the application here on our website, and reach out to ml@stonebriar.org if you have any questions.

Missional Living Grant Application

Missional Living Team

Keith Tyler

Keith Tyler
Lead Pastor—Missional Living

Karen Hawkins

Karen Hawkins
Pastoral Leader—Community Care

Susan Zebe

Susan Zebe
Ministry Coordinator—Missional Living

Julie Lyon

Julie Lyon
Ministry Coordinator—Community Care

If you have any questions about Missional Living or want help deciding where to start, please reach out to Susan Zebe at susanz@stonebriar.org or by calling 469-252-5206. We look forward to meeting and serving alongside you.