End Human Trafficking

End Human Trafficking

Texas ranks second in the United States in reported cases of human trafficking—a tragic version of modern slavery that includes forced labor and sexual exploitation. At any given time in Texas, there are approximately 234,000 victims of labor trafficking and 79,000 victims of youth and minor sex trafficking.1

You can help shine the light of Christ into this dark world by serving, learning, and praying with Stonebriar’s End Human Trafficking ministry. Join us as we partner with local non-profit Poiema Foundation to raise awareness in our community, search for missing girls, and support victims with the love of Christ.

To get involved in this ministry, reach out to our Missional Living Team at ml@stonebriar.org for details on our upcoming meetings, training opportunities, and outreach events.

  1. Statistics courtesy of the Office of the Texas Attorney General and the National Human Trafficking Hotline

Poiema FoundationAbout Poiema Foundation

Poiema Foundation seeks to educate the public and raise awareness in order to prevent sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other methods of sexual exploitation. Poiema also provides a safe place and trauma-informed care for those who have been trafficked and are on their journey from victim to survivor.

To date, Poiema has:

  • educated more than 17,000 people on the dangers of human trafficking
  • recovered 290 missing children in partnership with 4 The One
  • helped 73 survivors of human trafficking
  • housed 27 survivors in the Poiema safe house

Poiema (pronounced poy-ay-ma) is a Greek word meaning “handiwork” found in Ephesians 2:10—“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Sadly, women and children in the sex industry believe they have no value or self-worth, so Poiema shares the life-changing news that they are inherently cherished by the God who made them.

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Missional Living Team

Keith Tyler

Keith Tyler
Lead Pastor—Missional Living

Karen Hawkins

Karen Hawkins
Pastoral Leader—Community Care

Susan Zebe

Susan Zebe
Ministry Coordinator—Missional Living

Julie Lyon

Julie Lyon
Ministry Coordinator—Community Care

If you have any questions about Missional Living or want help deciding where to start, please reach out to us at ml@stonebriar.org or by calling 469-252-5242. We look forward to meeting and serving alongside you.