What the World Needs Now

What the World Needs Now

Chuck Swindoll • June 2, 2024
1 Corinthians 13:1-3

We can do phenomenal things in this life, but if we do them without love, our efforts will ring hollow. So what would it look like to show love the way we’re called to as Christ’s followers? Tune in as Pastor Chuck guides us through the wisdom of 1 Corinthians 13 in our new series, “Love Like Jesus.”

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  • Chuck Swindoll

    Chuck Swindoll is the founding pastor of Stonebriar Community Church. His desire is to establish the church with a solid biblical foundation based on the faithful exposition of the Word of God. His vision includes the importance of corporate worship and an emphasis on small-group ministries that provide encouragement and accountability in the body. His missionary passion is to train men and women for ministry worldwide while meeting the spiritual needs of the local community.

    Chuck currently also serves as Chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary and is the Bible teacher of the worldwide radio ministry, “Insight for Living,” and has published numerous books dealing with all aspects of Christian life. He served as senior pastor of a Fullerton, California, church for 23 years prior to moving back to Texas.

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