Same God, New Year

Same God, New Year

Dr. Chip Dickens • January 7, 2024
Matthew 6:25-34

Tune in for an inspiring message from God’s Word by our guest at the pulpit, Dr. Chip Dickens. Matthew 6:25-34 emphasizes the truth of not worrying about everyday life and trusting in God’s provision. Chip shares a personal story about learning to trust God with his needs and encourages us to integrate this truth into our own lives. Chip reminds us that Jesus is faithful and trustworthy, even in uncertain times.

Chip is a professor and the department chair of Biblical Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. Chip is also professionally active in the Christian Association of Psychological Studies and The Association of Marriage and Family Ministries, and he serves as a contributing editor for the Journal of Psychology and Theology.

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