2019 Men’s Fall Retreat

2019 Men's Fall Retreat

Bill Butterworth speaking at the 2019 Men's RetreatThe men of Stonebriar Community Church came to our annual retreat for powerful teaching, good food, and quality time in the great outdoors at Pine Cove Shores camp.

This year’s special guest was Bill Butterworth, an acclaimed speaker and long-time friend of our church. Bill shared practical messages on how we can win the battle for balance in our lives and keep our focus on Christ.

Lessons by Bill Butterworth

  1. Introducing the Hazies, the Lazies, and the Crazies
    Why Do People Tend Towards Imbalance in Life?
  2. The Hazies: Losing Sight of What Is Important in Your Life
    The Principle of Practicing Priorities
  3. The Lazies: Lacking the Self-Discipline to Bring Your Life into Balance
    The Principle of Practicing Endurance
  4. The Crazies: A Lifestyle Out of Control
    The Principle of Practicing Pacing

Photos from the Retreat

Men’s Ministry Team

Les Fleetwood

Les Fleetwood
Lead Pastor—Connecting & Equipping

Cheryl Trudel

Cheryl Trudel
Ministry Leader—Connecting & Equipping

If you have any questions or would like help connecting with one of our small groups, Bible studies, or the fall retreat, please contact Cheryl Trudel at men@stonebriar.org or by calling 469-252-5200.