Four Habits For Your Marriage

Marriage may not come with a user manual, but here are four habits that can help your marriage work as God designed! Want to learn more and put these habits into practice? Sign up for our online Summer Marriage Study of “Your Best Us” by Ted Lowe, starting June 17.

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  • David Ake

    David Ake is Associate Pastor of Marriage Ministries at Stonebriar Community Church. David and his wife, Jamie, have been married for sixteen years, and David is still trying to figure out how Jamie fell in love with him. They have two daughters who have to hear all the time about how much Mom and Dad are in love. (They roll their eyes a lot.) Jamie and David fight, hug, laugh, and kiss a lot in front of their kids, and they love how their kids ask them to leave on dates so that they can have their own “me time.” They pray a lot for the men who will show up at their door someday to take their own girls out on a date.

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