Dr. Kelly Cagle

Breakout Session Speaker


photo: Dr. Kelly CagleDr. Kelly Cagle

Researcher, Coach & Educator

For more than two decades, Dr. Kelly Cagle has researched parenting, relationships, and human development, in addition to being an educator.

Dr. Cagle is a homeschooling boy mom of three, holds a PhD in K–16 Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, and loves her job of teaching parents how to raise lifelong learners. She’s an advocate of school choice and parents using daily moments as learning opportunities.

Aside from education, Dr. Cagle is passionate about drinking lots of coffee, having a healthy daily consumption of chocolate, and enjoying lunch at Joe T’s with her family every Sunday after church.

Breakout Session

Raising Confident Lifelong Learners

Session 2: 11:10 a.m. to Noon

Too many kids nowadays are disengaged with learning, increasing their anxiety because of poor grades, inability to understand content, and doubting their potential. When kids lack self-awareness and good study habits, they lose interest more easily, experience negative self-talk, and begin questioning their own abilities. In contrast, when children know how to learn, they confidently look for ways to grow through everyday challenges. In this session, Dr. Kelly Cagle will teach moms and dads how to raise lifelong learners by using daily moments as learning opportunities to build their child’s confidence and problem-solving skills.