Pecadores salvados por la gracia

?Es imposible caminar humildemente con Dios sintiéndose superior a nadie. Tú y yo no somos mejores que nadie. Solo somos pecadores salvados por gracia.?

Pastor Chuck Swindoll

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2 comentarios en «Sinners Saved By Grace»

  1. What scripture do you use to show a person who is genuine Christian is still a sinner? I understand I have my stupid moments and sin, yet refuse to promote sin or stupid in my life by calling myself a sinner or stupid.
    As far as “feeling” superior, what is to stop someone from feeling. Your just a sinner, I am a sinner saved by grace.
    I pray you hear my heart.
    To me, true humility is, God through the finished work of Jesus. Pulled me out of the dunghill of sin and being a sinner and made me a new creature and set me at His right hand in heaven.
    Yes, I am greater than sinners. The only way I can prove it, is when I love and serve others as Jesus would. Plus, the only way I can do those things is by revelation of His love for me and guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.
    Again, please show me scripture that proves I am just a sinner saved by grace. Thank you for your time.

    • Dear David,

      Thanks for your inquiry. I would suggest looking up “The Roman Road” on the web. That is the simplest explanation of salvation that I have found. It should answer your questions.

      Lauri Lanier
      Ministry Leader, Care Ministries
      Iglesia Stonebriar en español

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