God’s People Were Taken Captive

Sunday Praise Pack for January 22
Early Childhood Sunday Praise Pack

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Bible Story Summary

  • The kings after Josiah did wrong and led God’s people to do wrong things too.
  • The people did not listen to the prophet’s warnings to love God and to stop sinning.
  • God allowed the king of Babylon to destroy the Lord’s temple and take the people to Babylon to work for him and his family.

Christ Connection

God was right to punish His people because they sinned. But God still loved them, and He was going to give His people a good king, just like He said He would. Many years later, God sent His Son, Jesus, to be our King forever. Jesus took the punishment we should get for our sin.

Big Picture Question

What makes people special? People are special because God made us in His own image.

Memory Verse:

“I will praise you because I am remarkably and wondrously made. Your works are wondrous and I know this very well.”
Psalm 139:14

Additional Resources for Sunday

In Early Childhood ministry, we teach basic biblical truths in ways little hearts can understand, from birth all the way through kindergarten. Our desire is to have children learn in fun and interesting ways how much God loves them. The video and resources on this page are designed for parents to experience this at home with their children.

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