God Delivered His People

Sunday Praise Pack for March 5
Early Childhood Sunday Praise Pack

Virtual Clubhouse Video

Bible Story Summary

  • God’s people had lived in Babylon for 70 years!
  • It was time for God’s people to go home.
  • God gave King Cyrus an idea to let God’s people go back to their land and rebuild God’s temple in Jerusalem.
  • King Cyrus gave God’s people gifts like gold, silver, and animals.

Big Picture Question

Can God be trusted? Yes, God cannot lie, so we can trust whatever He has said.

Christ COnnection

God keeps His promises. He chose King Cyrus as part of His plan to bring His people home from Babylon. King Cyrus reminds us of Jesus. God chose Jesus as His plan to rescue sinners and bring us home to His kingdom forever.

Memory Verse:

“The person who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence indeed is the Lord, is blessed.”
Jeremiah 17:7

Additional Resources for Sunday

In Early Childhood ministry, we teach basic biblical truths in ways little hearts can understand, from birth all the way through kindergarten. Our desire is to have children learn in fun and interesting ways how much God loves them. The video and resources on this page are designed for parents to experience this at home with their children.