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God created the World

New cycle

We are starting our new three year cycle this week.  You will see many changes and things that look different.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


9 a.m.

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Leader Devo

The Bible begins where we would expect it to: with the beginning of all of creation. But the beginning that Genesis 1:1 speaks of is not the beginning of everything. It was not the beginning of God. God is eternal—He has no beginning and no end. He has always existed. So the beginning in this session’s Bible story is the beginning from our perspective. It is humanity’s beginning.

You might notice that the Bible story stops a little earlier than you might be used to: before God created Adam and Eve. That happened on Day 6, along with the animals of the earth, but that is not included here because that will be covered in the next session in much more detail.

Instead, for this session, take your time to emphasize three things:

First, that God created everything from nothing. God did not create like we do—by taking some raw materials like clay and making a beautiful sculpture. Instead, God made everything that exists—everything we see and even that we don’t see—simply by speaking it into existence from nothing. That’s important because it teaches us that everything belongs to God because He made it all and also how powerful He is to be able to create the universe by speaking it into being.

Second, that God created everything with order. Not only do we see that God created the different kinds of plants and trees as well as animals according to their different kinds, but we also see an orderly pattern in the days of creation. God created by separating things on days 1-3 (light from darkness; sky from water; and then land from oceans) and then He filled what He had created on days 4-6 (the stars, sun, and moon in the heavens; birds and fish in the sky and waters; animals on the land).

Third, that God created everything for a reason—to bring Himself glory. We will talk a lot more about this during this unit, and all of our study through Scripture. But for now help your kids see that everything exists to show how good God is—to show His glory for all to see.

Days of Creation

Day 1: Light from darkness

Day 2: Sky from water

Day 3: Land from oceans

Day 4: Sun, moon, stars

Day 5: Birds and fish

Day 6: Animals


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