equipping people to engage in the world with truth and grace

Seek God in Every Season


When we seek the wisdom God offers, we live and give better. Knowing Jesus Christ on a deeper level leads to a life that blesses others. With this in mind, we are here to help you live out your faith effectively in the world. Each of our classes will challenge your mind and transform your heart. From managing money to understanding the Bible, these classes will help you understand God’s heart and walk in His ways.

Crown Financial


This biblical financial study is a 10-week course that teaches men and women to be financially faithful. From true stories of great perseverance to deeply introspective self-study, the MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study is designed to help you overcome financial challenges and gain a life of meaning and purpose. This semester will be held online.


Join us for an orientation meeting on Sunday, January 20 at 12:30 p.m. in portable D.

Life Groups will meet Sundays, January 27 through April 7, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in portable D.


Equipping Disciples


Christ calls us to make disciples. Are you answering the call? The Christian walk is exciting when you obey the command to grow, share your faith, and help others to do the same. Equipping Disciples is a 13-week class designed to help you mature as a disciple and train other disciples.


Explore God


There’s a burning question you’re wanting to ask about God, isn’t there? It’s okay. We have questions, too. The good news is you’re not alone. At Explore God, we facilitate a safe place for you to come with any questions you may have about God, life, trauma, the Bible, you name it! No question is off limits.



Stonebriar Community Church is committed to helping couples have strong marriages. We offer opportunities for you and your spouse (or future spouse) to gain a better understanding of each other and God’s role in your marriage.


Marriage Foundations (Premarital Class)

This is a weekend class for couples who are considering engagement or marriage. The class is offered three times a year (early spring, summer, and fall) on a Friday evening and all day Saturday. Registration is required. 



Marriage Core

Marriage Core is more than a class—it’s a community. We know that good marriages don’t just happen. They take a continuous investment of time and energy. If you and your spouse want to strengthen your relationship, Marriage Core is the place for you. Join us any Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. We meet in room B241 for an opening large group session and then break into small groups. Registration is not required. Simply come as you are!




Groundbreaking is a Sunday Fellowship for newly married couples in their 20s and 30s embarking on a lifelong journey together. Through fellowship and guidance from mentor couples, you will grow deeper in both your relationship with the Lord and with your spouse. Join us any Sunday morning at 10:45 in room A220.

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